【TGM】Chapter 6

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn

Chapter 6 

Hello everyone, I am Bo Qingbo, originally a young lady (PS)1 born from a concubine of the Prime Minister’s Manor. I later fooled around with Prince Yixing, Qu Xiang, and became his young concubine. But on the wedding day, I was taken by Prince Yixing’s main wife into the General’s Manor and was given ten planks. But this young lady was unable to bear such a punishment with a delicate and frail body, and fainted after three planks. After that, the inner core was replaced by the not only smart, cute, witty, and clever me, but also the charming me. As I was fumbling around, I found that Qu Xiang planned to use me to enter the manor to deal with Xiang Tiange in whatever conspiracy. But after thinking it over and over again, I decided to renounce the dark and seek the light, and tightly hold onto General-dada’s2 thigh without letting go.

The reason why I’m intentionally talking about my identity and a summary of my former love is because I feel like I have entered a new transcript.

That’s right, it’s precisely a transcript of the army camp.

I also don’t know why the route of a house fight that I have envisioned in my mind hasn’t even unfolded yet, and all of a sudden the route has gone askew to here. But I know that if I work hard for a while, I can get a promotion, raise my salary, hold until the CP returns, and walk on the apex of life!

Thinking about it, there are still some excitement!

Time has gone by quickly in the barracks, and a half month has passed without knowing it. Only ten days are left of the one month pact between Qu Xiang and I.

I am currently handling the army camp’s documents. This post is apparently called an official registrar, organizing and compiling the army internally and contacting with people outside of the military through official written communications.

Although I was somewhat not used to it at first, I’m surprised to find that I have mastered it pretty quickly. Furthermore, the original body’s foundation is pretty good, and I have inherited them. Besides the mastery of beautiful words, there are super strong memory and fast reading ability.

I think…….I’m indeed the protagonist!

After transferring to where Xiang Tiange is, the other doesn’t deliberately avoid me. All kinds of documents are naturally handed over for me to handle, actually giving me enough trust. If I want to know if some of the contents are private, with Xiang Tiange’s capability, she will probably be able to find out after I have read them. And, I was even a spy before.

One night while working overtime and catching up on the documents, only Xiang Tiange and I are left in the tent in the barracks. My hand holding the brush stops, and I look at the general sitting in the seat of honor.

For making movements convenient, she dresses in men’s clothes in the barracks……Recalling that I have never seen her wear woman’s clothes in the General’s Manor either, it’s probably for the General’s dignity. Underneath the candle light, her delicate face isn’t softened by the warmth of the light. Instead, because of her serious expression and her brows wrinkling all along, it gives off a somewhat cold and stiff appearance.

Taking note of my line of sight, she looks over, her expression loosens up a bit, “What is the matter?”

I hesitate for a moment, deciding that it’s better to ask, “Tiange……Why do you have such trust in me?”

Xiang Tiange smiles, her face carries a trace of arrogance, “The generals of our Xiang family, when we employ people, we will trust them without suspicion.”

The other is talking about the Xiang family and not herself. Clearly, she has a very strong sense of honor for the family……I need to be careful. I put down the brush in order to ask probingly, “Then, when do I go see your parents?”

Xiang Tiange’s expression stiffens, and her tone also becomes somewhat colder, “What are you doing saying this?”

“As the saying goes, the ugly wife nevertheless needs to meet the in-laws. This one is this beautiful, of course I need to meet with the in-laws earlier!” I pretend not to notice her peculiarities. I stand up to sit beside her, lean against her body. Pretending to shyly cover up my face, I bump into her.

“Move a bit further.” Xiang Tiange helplessly pushes me aside. Singlehandedly blocking, she sighs, “Bo Qingbo, you are a proper daughter of a noble house, how could you do something so brazen?”

My face is full of sincerity, “This one is a daughter of a noble house on the surface. But in front of you, I show my real nature. Tiange, you should happy when there’s no misunderstandings or pretenses between us.”

“……Besides your ability to work, everything else doesn’t resemble a person from the Bo family,” says Xiang Tiange honestly. Sitting cross-legged, she says it while facing me.

This is a good posture for chatting, I immediately adjust to sitting like an extremely cute duck3 and curiously ask, “You seem to be very familiar with the Bo family?”

“I had the fate of meeting them once.” Xiang Tiange restrains the faint smile she had before turning to directly face the documents, “Work.”

The change is somewhat harsh. I hold back all kinds of guesses on my mind. When it’s time to go back at night, I ask Lu Shui and Hong Zhang a few questions.

Hong Zhang slightly frowns and questions, “Originally, this matter shouldn’t be told to Young Miss. But Young Miss and General Xiang are on good terms nowadays, it should be better to know……”

There’s gossip! Aristocratic family affairs! My eyes flash, urging the other to quickly talk.

Hong Zhang still has some hesitation, “I don’t know much, but I can guess from what I have heard. I do not know if Young Miss still remembers……Before, Eldest Young Miss and the Xiang Family’s Eldest Young Master……who is the General’s older brother, and they had an engagement……Later, once Young Master Xiang died, Eldest Young Miss entered the palace. The two families’ relationship became weak from then on. Perhaps……the General still has some resentment in her heart.”

There……seems to be a love triangle! I don’t have the original body’s memories. Although I normally rely on various inquiries and guesses to put together a general idea, I don’t understand secrets of this deep level.

The Eldest Young Miss that she has mentioned is my older sister, Bo Qingyou, born from the first wife, and also the current Empress. My intuition tells me that there’s a story that no one knows.

The Xiang family has a single bloodline. Until the generation of the old master, there’s a son and a daughter. After Xiang Huai passed away, Xiang Tiange serves in the army in her elder brother’s place to support the Xiang family.

And the Bo Family……It should be said that the two families used to have an old friendship. Both don’t have abundant heirs, furthermore, it makes one’s heart even more worried. Because, the Bo family’s master, there’s only me who was born from a concubine. And……the current Empress was born from the first wife. Only two heirs, and they were all female……I think there’s definitely a bitter taste in my freebie dad’s heart.4

However, I know that after my family’s situation, Qu Xiang, that little b*tch, played with me! There’re only two kids, and the eldest child is not even by his side.5 I’m certain I receive special attention! Then, how can I get money to run!?

I don’t know if I can’t just talk about it. Because speak of the devil, the next day when I’m in the barracks doing the daily transcripts with my head lowered, writing at high-speed and calculating the barracks’ budget, someone reports, “General, Sir Prime Minister is here!”

Xiang Tiange promptly faces me first. I blankly look over and then give a shy smile in return.

Xiang Tiange, “……don’t smile, smiles doesn’t make flowers bloom. Sir Prime Minister is here, you can also go see him.”

What does the Prime Minister have to do with me? I’m only a secretary……My face is full of confusion.

Xiang Tiange probably sees through my thoughts. She raises a hand and lightly flicked my head. She appears to be at the end of her patience, “You don’t even remember the official position of your own father!?”

Only then, I remember. The current Prime Minister=Bo Xiuyuan=The previous me’s father.

I happily cup my face, “Tiange! We have to go see dad together!”

“……He’s your dad.”

“He will also be yours too!”

“You are really too much……”

In the end, I never got the achievement of meeting the patriarch together because Xiang Tiange had an emergency at the last moment and had to head out, sending me to accompany and talk to dad first.

I obediently head over. In all fairness, my dad looks pretty good. After all, if the genes aren’t good, how could I look this good?

Bo Xiuyuan sits there upright and raises his head. He appears to be somewhat dignified. After sizing me up for half a day and talking about daily life and the weather, he suddenly smiles, hiding his gratitude, “It seems like you have been well. General Xiang doesn’t seem to treat you unfairly.”

Seems like dad is pretty good to me……I surreptitiously decide on the approach and nod my head, “Tiange is very good to me!”

“I know that Qu Xiang has black heartedly extorted you. Seeing that you and the General are so close, you probably know your mistake. Anyways, without the betrothal gifts and marriage documents, you aren’t considered as officially married……I hope after this time, you will watch out and pick someone good.” Bo Xiuyuan sincerely and earnestly says, “Young people ah, don’t always think about making a big ruckus! Peace is fortune! Before, it’s dad’s fault and gave you too much stress. I won’t force you to read books, have you study the four arts, or master poetry, wine, tea, and everything else.6 I also won’t force you to marry the Su family’s kid. Return home. What Qu Xiang can give you, dad can also give you everything!”

This is really a blood-related dad……I’m very touched, “Dad! I know your pains! Rest assured, this time I picked it myself! Definitely better than Qu Xiang that little pretty boy!”

Prime Minister Bo is stunned, thinking for a bit, “En? Who? Are they in the barracks? If it’s correct, I’ll pull down my face and say that it’s out of the question……If their status is a bit low, they can live with the wife’s family……After all, you are also 17. Your elder sister married at this age.”

I think for a bit, “Living with the wife’s family probably won’t work……Anyway, be at ease, dad! She’s great, capability is also not bad, and can even give elder sister and the crown prince another layer of assistance!”7

“It’s been hard on you to think to this level……” Bo Xiuyuan sighs and asks, carrying a bit of enthusiasm, “Come, tell dad who it is?”

“She is……” Right when I’m about to say it, I hear footsteps. My eyes immediately lit up, I point at Xiang Tiange who has just entered and shyly tug at dad’s sleeve, saying, “Dad, it’s her!”

Xiang Tiange, “???”

Bo Xiuyuan, “……”

I seem to see the phrase “bitter and hateful” on this cheap dad’s face—OMG! What is it that made us father and daughter turn against each other?!

The Author has something to say:
Here to update la! Just noticed I’m on last month’s rankings, so I hurried to update! Don’t worry, this should be the middle chapter, and it’s the warmup to the original BL I have prepared for summer vacation. There definitely won’t be any holes la!
Thanks for the support

Translator’s Notes
1 PS is in the RAWS, however, I have no clue what it stands for. I don’t think photoshop makes any sense here. I guess post script kinda works. Not sure if it’s slang or a swear sword that I missed.
2 大大 dada – literally big big or great great. A suffix that netizens call content creators like authors, artists, and singers, etc. that they respect/like them.
3 Sitting like a duck – where your legs are sprawled like a “W”
4 In the RAWS, she calls him cheap dad 便宜老爹. Not cheap as in the insult, but I think it’s more like he got another daughter for free after his real daughter died/fainted.
5 She’s talking about her dad having two kids and one is away from home. Not Qu Xiang. Having Qu Xiang in the sentence beforehand threw me off and I had to reread it like 5 times to understand that it’s not Qu Xiang.
6 The four arts – zither, go, calligraphy, and painting.
7 Usually when a woman marries, they move to live with the husband. Also, pronouns in Chinese sound the same when spoken.

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    “PS Photoshop
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