Hi all~

As some of you may have noticed, some translators of JJWXC novels are locking their chapters. Why? Because JJWXC is working on their international English base. Unfortunately, since I do not have a Chinese citizenship ID or bank account, I cannot partake in their English translation program. While I translate for practice and fun, it’s been a long time running. I do not want others to steal years of our hard work and profit off it. Therefore, all JJWXC chapters that are originally behind a lock will be password locked. The password will be periodically changed. I hate to do this, but please understand the necessity. (In the meantime, I’ll chug more energy drinks on my day off to finish Ghosts Know XD)

Please email me through the contact page, DM me on Twitter, or email me at if you would like the password.

Edit 1: I have created a discord (woot first timer so it’s bare). There is a button in the side bar (bottom on mobile) that links to the invite. It’ll be a one stop place you can get the password in so y’all don’t need to keep on emailing/messaging each time I change the password. However, the option to email/DM me is still open.
Or click below.

Edit 2: I have seen Ghosts Know (ENG) on Wattpad show up in my Google search. Is it my version? I do not know since I don’t have an account (yet) for me to bypass their login pop up to view content. If it is, I kindly ask you to take down for sake of security. Also, what’s the point of me doing passwords and preventing this from getting stolen for profit when there’s one floating elsewhere? Thankfully all the aggregator bots stole the “wrong” chapter.


Spicy Chicken Summer Break

Hi all~

I’m gonna take a week break to somewhat recharge and spend time with my fam since they’re visiting.

Ghosts Know –
Reluctant is on summer break and says no to editing for 1 week…is reluctantly willing to do 1 or 2 releases before the end of July. Schedule will return to normal in August (hopefully, unless otherwise specified).

The General’s Manor –
I’m gonna rest a week and should have the final chapter up by the end of July.

GK Delay

ReluctantEditor has papers due and is unable to edit. Therefore, no GK chapter today. Will do a double release Friday~

Created a brand new ✨ twitter 🐣 for translation updates/status. This will be the last announcement post for something more minor like this. If it’s a big announcement like we’re going to be away for vacay or gone for anything over 2 weeks, I’ll still make an announcement post.

Future posts will also be linked to Twitter. You can also DM/@ me there if you don’t wanna email me 😀 I’ll try to reply ASAP.

Follow @SpicyChickenTL 💕

GK Midterms

Midterms are here! Sorry no update today since it’s cramming time. Most likely will have a double release on Friday instead~

Good luck to those currently or about to take midterms. Hope all went well to those who had already taken them.

(My keyboard broke. We’ll see if my new keyboard will arrive next day or two or else…let’s see how much I can get done mobilely.)

GK Short Delay

ReluctantEditor is out doing stuff and is unable to edit until tomorrow. Chapter for GK should be up within 18 hours.

Maybe I should set up a twitter account for small delays like this. I feel like making an announcement post is a bit too much 😅

Spicy Chicken Holiday

Hi all~

RelucantEditor is too busy cramming for the final exams this week; therefore no update for Ghosts Know today. Sorry. m(_ _;m)

In case you didn’t catch the announcement in the last update. We’re going on holiday break after exams. We might pop in an update or two before December ends. We wish everyone a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa!

Schedule will return to normal after New Years.

See you all in the new year! 💕 (Or NUF forums and maybe in a comment section somewhere XD)

GK Delay

It’s exam week for ReluctantEditor; therefore, no release today, but double release on Thursday.

However, if you don’t mind the next part of Ghosts Know unedited…you can access it by going to the real Chapter 19 Part 1 and clicking next. You can also find the link under Ghosts Know’s Table of Contents.