GK Character, Sect, and Location Guide

***Under Construction***
***Info gets added or rearranged as releases come out***
***Added Locations***
***May contain spoilers***

Main Characters

Xi Jia 奚嘉

Meaning of Name: Surname Xi – literary what, where, how, and why, can also mean servant. Given name Jia – excellent, auspicious.
Age: 23
Physique: Body of Extreme Yin
Nickname: C+
Pet: Song Song 怂怂 (Name: to fear, to be afraid)

Ye Jingzhi 叶镜之

Meaning of Name: Surname Ye – leaf/leaves. Given name Jingzhi – Jing means mirror, reflect, or clear. Zhi is a subordinate particle and can be used to represent a third-person pronoun.
Age: 25
Physique: Body of Three Fiends
Nicknames/Titles: Mirror, Hell King Ye
Weapon *cough*pet*cough*: Wu Xiang Qing Li 无相青黎 (Nickname: Five Boxes of Green Pears)
Master: Yi Lingzi 易凌子 (Nicknames: Romeo, Love Saint)
Sect: Wu Xiang Mountain

Xuanxue World

Dinghai Sect 定海派

Noteworthy aspects: Guarding the First Emperor’s Tomb
Current Sect Master: Jiqin-zhenren 既秦真人 (Name: Jiqin roughly means “since Qin”)

Great Wanshou Temple 大万寿寺

One of the Four Great Sects
Specialty: Buddhist Temple, cleansing, purification, etc.
Previous Abbot: Buku 不哭 (Not crying)
Current Abbot: Buxing 不醒 (Not sober/awake)
Young Monk: Muyu 木鱼 (Wooden fish aka Chinese temple block, a percussion instrument that monks use)

Ling Xiao 凌霄

A power of higher order.
Name: Ling can be a surname that means ice, to rise/override/ride/approach/encoach/insult/etc. Xiao means firmament or heaven. Together, Ling Xiao is also the Chinese name for Chinese trumpet vine.
Nickname: Daddy Ling Xiao

Longhu Mountain 龙虎山

One of the Four Great Sects
Founding Grandmaster: Zhang Daoling 张道陵 (Surname: Zhang. Name: Daoling, same dao as in the path or way of the dao. Ling means hill, mound, or tomb.)
Sect Master:???
Eldest Disciple: Hu Die 胡蝶, 3rd on the Modou Rankings. (Name: A variation for butterfly. Hu is also a surname.)

Qianshan Sect 前山派

Lian Chen 连晨
Yang Ze 阳泽- Lian Chen’s disciple and current sect head.

Shennong Valley 神农谷

One of the Four Great Sects
Specialty: Medical
Chequ-daoren 车渠道人- Younger martial brother to the current sect master.

Shuangji Sect 双极派

Pei Yu 裴玉

Meaning of Name: Surname Pei – of clothing, long. Given name Yu – jade.
7th or 9th place in Modou Rankings
Nicknames: Charlatan Pei, Chatterer Pei, Ninth Place Pei. (God Stick Pei in small theatre.)

Pei Yu’s master, Tianci-daoren 天慈道人
Pei Yu’s Martial Uncle Wang
Pei Yu’s junior sister, Wang Jingxiu 王静袖

Tian Gong Pavilion (Tian Gong Zhai) 天工斋

Specialty: Refining, making, selling, and delivering magic treasures and weapons, etc.
Founding Grandmaster: Lu Ban 鲁班
142nd Grandmaster: Song Yingxing 宋应星
Current Sect Master: ???
Eldest Disciple: Measurement 度量衡
Measurement’s master (might be sect master): Doumo-zhenren 斗墨真人

Tianji School 天机门

Specialty: Divinations, Fortune-telling
Current Sect Master: Zhufeng-zhenren 烛枫真人
Elder: Zhuzhao-zhenren 烛照真人

Wu Xiang Mountain 无相山

Sect Master: Yi Lingzi 易凌子 (Nicknames: Romeo, Love Saint)
Mantle Disciple and the sole disciple: Ye Jingzhi

Xiangxi Gangshi Sect 湘西赶尸派 

Location: Xiangxi
Xiao Lin’s mother, Ms. Liao/Ghob Ghueas, by connection to her grandfather

Zi Wei Xing Hall (Zi Wei Xing Zhai) 紫微星斋

One of the Four Great Sects
Current Sect Master: Cengxiu-zhenjun 嶒秀真君
Eldest Disciple: Nan Yi 南易, 2nd on the Modou Rankings.

Guangling Jiang Clan 广陵江家

Residence: Guangling
Jiang Tong 江桐
Jiang Qiong 江琼

Other characters (to be rearranged, added, or deleted later)

Qishan-daoren (One of the seniors, Yi Lingzi’s friend)
Qishan-daoren’s son
Li Sheng
Li Sheng’s master, Taiyue-zhenren
Lanling Kuku Sheng (an author’s pen name, often gives Ghosts Know submissions)

Non-Xuanxue World People

Chen Tao 陈涛 

Meaning of Name: Surname Chen, ancient, exhibit, explain. Given name Tao – large waves, billow. Common male given name.
Xi Jia’s only good friend from college and finds roles for him. Has more yang energy than normal people.

Wang Ru 王茹
Li Xiao 李宵
Fang Moting 方墨亭 (and his manager)


Xiao Lin 小霖
Xiao Juan 小娟

The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor 秦始皇陵 (and related)

Qin Shi Huang 秦始皇, The First Emperor 始皇, Ying Zheng 嬴政

Regnal title – Qin Shi Huang (meaning First Emperor of Qin). Personal name – Ying Zheng. Surname Ying – means to win. Given name Zheng – means government, politics, or rule.
Nickname – Papa First Emperor

Qin Er Shi 秦二世, Ying Huhai 赢胡亥

Regnal title – Qin Er Shi (meaning Second Generation of Qin). Given name Huhai – Hu has many meanings (reckless, outageous, what, why, how, etc.) and can be a surname, Hai has no meaning, but it is the 12th of the 12 Earthly Branches (represents 9-11pm, the 10th lunar month, and the Pig zodiac).
Qin Shi Huang’s 18th and youngest son.

Qin San Shi 秦三世, Ying Ziying 嬴子婴

Regnal title – Qin San Shi (meaning Third Generation of Qin), later King of Qin. Given name Ziying – literal meaning infant son.
Qin Shi Huang’s middle son (in this story).

Fusu 扶苏

Name – Fu means to help/assist/support. Su is used in place name and part of the Chinese term for perilla frutescens, but it also means to revive.
Qin Shi Huang’s eldest son.


Old Ghost 老鬼
Xiao Fei 小菲
Kuman Thong 古曼童



Huaxia ⇒ China
M Country ⇒ 米国 Mi Guo, Rice Country (not real name for USA lol) ⇒ United States


C Province ⇒ Chuan Province ⇒ Sichuan Province
D Province ⇒ Dian Province ⇒ Yunnan Province
J Province ⇒ (Author had literally put the J in there instead of a Chinese character to easily tell the province) estimated to be Jiangsu Province. However, J Province is mentioned alongside Pinghu Scenic Park. Pinghu is a city in Zhejiang and there’s a scenic park called Pinghu Nine Dragons Mountain also in Zhejiang.
G Province ⇒ Gan Province ⇒ Jiangxi Province
S Province ⇒ Shǎn Province ⇒ Shaanxi Province
Shu Province ⇒ also Sichuan Province
T Province ⇒ Zang Province ⇒ Tibet Autonomous Region
X Province ⇒ Xiang Province ⇒ Hunan Province
Y Province ⇒ Yue Province ⇒ Guangdong Province
Z Province ⇒ Zhe Province ⇒ Zhejiang Province


Xiangxi ⇒ No censor but short for Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.


Poyang ⇒ No censor/abbreviation


C City ⇒ Chang City ⇒ Nanchang
Chang’an City ⇒ Modern day Xi’an
Chuncheng ⇒ Kunming
Fengdu ⇒ No censor/abbreviation
H City ⇒ Hang City ⇒ Hangzhou
Haicheng ⇒ (I’m not too sure since there is a city called Haicheng but most likely) Shanghai
J City ⇒ Jia City ⇒ Jiaxing
P City ⇒ Peng City ⇒ Shenzhen
Q City ⇒ Qing City ⇒ Chongqing
S City ⇒ Su City ⇒ Suzhou


Guangling ⇒ No censor/abbreviation (District of Yangzhou)
Qiuhu District ⇒ Huqiu District (District of Suzhou)

Bodies of Water

Jindu Lake ⇒ Jinji Lake and Dushu Lake combined (Lakes in Suzhou)
Poyang Lake ⇒ No censor/abbreviation

Other Places

Yinxu – no censor/abbreviation.





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