【TGM】Chapter 7

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn

Chapter 7

I look at my dad, my dad looks at Xiang Tiange, and Xiang Tiange looks at me.

I think this scene is particularly harmonious. However, the other two don’t appreciate it.

Bo Xiuyuan seamlessly wipes off the sweat on his forehead, putting on the airs of a government official in his speech, “General Xiang, my daughter has given you trouble.”

Xiang Tiange nods her head, “Prime Minister Bo is too polite.”

“Since this misunderstanding has already been undone, in that case, this one will bring my daughter back……”

I immediately slip to Xiang Tiange’s side and firmly hold onto her arm, staring at this cheap dad in disbelief, “Dad! Aren’t you my real dad! How could you hinder me from finding lifelong happiness!?”

“……” Bo Xiuyuan isn’t affected and cups his hand, his expression apologetic, “My daughter’s temper has been unreasonable since she was small, and her thoughts are different from an ordinary person. Hoping General will forgive.”

Xiang Tiange shoots me a glance, honestly replying, “It does not matter. I can tell.”

I didn’t get hit by these two, rather I look at them with gratification. With a slap, I say in lament, “Looking at you both mocking me, it really looks like a harmonious pair of father-in-law and son-in-law.”

Bo Xiuyuan, “……”

Xiang Tiange, “……”

The two of them feel that what I had said is quite reasonable, and then drives me out.

I sit outside of the tent. Because I’m bored to death, I grab the weeds on the ground to play with.

When the two of them have finished talking, I have already pulled a bald patch in the grass. Squatting on the ground with a miserable face, I look at them.

Xiang Tiange walks over, “What are you doing over here?”

I sniffle, “Waiting for you guys, you all ignored me.”

Bo Xiuyuan and Xiang Tiange look at each other. Finally, it’s still Xiang Tiange who comes over and reaches out her hand to me, “Squatting like that looks like what, get up!”

I cover my face and coquettishly say, “This one needs a kiss from Tiange in order to get up!”

“……” Xiang Tiange immediately turns around to glance at Bo Xiuyuan’s deep expression. She coughs once, “Don’t mess around, your dad is still watching.”

“So it’s okay when my dad is not watching?”

“……Don’t twist words and force logic!” Xiang Tiange simply pulls me up, half dragging and half tugging me towards Bo Xiuyuan, “Prime Minister Bo, Qingbo, she……”

“Nothing will happen to BoBo. Just that……I still hope General will take care of her more.” Bo Xiuyuan deeply sighs. A trace of concern flashes across his face; however, it quickly vanishes. He seriously cups his hand in ceremony to Xiang Tiange, “General Xiang, regardless of any of our families’ disputes, this matter is at least to both of our families’ mutual benefit……”

Xiang Tiange nods with a serious expression, “Rest assured, Prime Minister Bo. I will protect her.”

I stand in between them with a stupefied expression.

I keep on feeling like there’s something awesome plan between my future other half and my father! The problem is I don’t even know!

By the time Bo Xiuyuan has gone back, I finally can’t hold it anymore and ask, “What did Dad say to you?”

Xiang Tiange only rubs my head, a smile hanging on her face, “Before, didn’t you want me and Qu Xiang to divorce?”

I blank out for a bit. I have never expected the other person to talk about such an ancient subject. I nod, but I still feel somewhat uneasy in my heart, “You really want to divorce?”

Xiang Tiange nods, “Yes.”

I pretend to be bashful, “Because of me?”

Xiang Tiange laughs with a “pfft” before nodding again, “Yes!”

I’m dumbfounded, staying speechlessly in place.

Xiang Tiange rubs my forehead, her manner is quite tender, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing……” I cover my chest and say with a face of melancholy, “Happiness has come too fast like a tornado……”

Xiang Tiange is curious, “What is a tornado? Is it like a dragon’s gale?”1

“It’s a kind of really powerful natural disaster……,” I speak without thinking it through. Without letting the other person to change the topic, I immediately ask, “You basically don’t like Qu Xiang, then why did you get married? And why do you want to divorce now? Before you said a month, what deadline is it for?”

“Why do you have so many questions?” Xiang Tiange only asks one question, but doesn’t give me any intention of explaining. Instead, she looks at my hand, “Why were you picking at the grass for?”

“……For a flower arrangement, but I didn’t find any flowers, only grass.” I easily wipe my hands stained by grass juice with a handkerchief, “Don’t change the subject.”

“You don’t have to care about this thing.” Xiang Tiange stoops down and voluntarily plucks a wild flower. She stuffs it into my hands, “For you.”

I look at the little white flower in my hands with an expression as if looking at a major enemy. After a moment of silence, I raise my head and glare at her, “Is it because you want to abandon me, that’s why you’re being so nice to me now?”

“……No, you’re thinking too much. Also, since when was I nice to you?”

I snort, “When you couldn’t speak to me further today, you didn’t even walk away, and instead, you coaxed me!” I’m such a quick thinker! How could I not see the difference in attitude between then and now!

Xiang Tiange freezes. Her face exposes a trace of an apologetic expression, and she pats my shoulder, “Sorry.”


“When I was 10, my elder brother died in battle……In order to support the Xiang family, I have always painstakingly studied martial arts and military strategies. When I was 15, I entered the battlefield. I have never had any close friends, and I do not get along well with the girls from the usual noble houses……Although you’re a bit weird, I think the usual noble daughters should not be like you.” Xiang Tiange smiles as she looks at me, “But……Qingbo, you are my first friend.”

“In the future……you only need to believe in me, I will not let you get hurt.”

I blankly stand there, and don’t come back to my senses after a little while.

This is……being given the friendship card?

Clearly I really have managed to hug a thigh. According to the normal route, my life in the future will definitely be better and better. Regardless of whether I return to the General’s Manor or the Prime Minister’s Manor……But why……do I feel not so good?

Depressed, I wrinkle my brows and press on my chest. Overall, I feel a bit unmotivated.

Mommy, I’m not really going to fall in love, right?

I raise my head to look at her, asking shyly, “Tiange……did I cause you trouble?”

Although I have added a lot of trouble before, I inexplicably feel like a somewhat major inconvenience this time…..I just knew by the look that my cheap dad gave me before he left.

Xiang Tiange smiles, her voice is calm and unhurried, carrying a hint of reassurance, “Don’t worry.”

Two simples words, but they seem to be heavy like a thousand catties.

Seeing the other like this, I release my breath.

However after 9 days, palace soldiers rush over, surrounding the General’s Manor.

Xiang Tiange is being taken away and detained for investigation. The criminal charges are……hiding the Tiger Seal that was lost during the previous Emperor’s reign and having traitorous intentions.

I look at the so-called “Half of the Tiger Seal x1” in the hands of the official who had come to announce the imperial decree and take someone away. My memory somewhat recovers.

I feel……as if……I saw this……when I had just transmigrated here……

I stand at the entrance. By my side, Xiang Tiange’s personal soldiers are guarding, actually not letting others hit me. Xiang Tiange, who is being taken away, smiles at me when she passes, and mouths a——【Don’t worry】.

……Don’t worry my ass, you big fat liar!!!

The Author has something to say:
Finally entered the main plot! (Wait, this story actually has a plotline?!)
I didn’t pay attention and noticed that there are over 1,000 bookmarks……Before, I thought GL was very cold and the people who read it weren’t much……Thank you favorites _(:з」∠)_
Originally, I planned on a woof woof woof short story, because I suddenly thought about writing something a bit longer and make it medium length, the plot has been more developed.

Translator’s Notes
1 龙卷风 Tornado in Chinese is literally Dragon Twisting/Rolling Wind. 

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  1. Oh gahd i absolutely love this!!

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    Indeed, it’s one of the funniest novel i’ve read! And the first yuri at that hahaha thank you sooooooo much for taking the time to translate this! The MC is a gem!
    Even at the very 1st chapter i was already laughing halfway 😂 love this!

    I hope you have a great day ❤

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