Ghosts Know Chapter 65 Part 1

Chapter 65 Part 1

Remember to scroll down and click on the link below for the real chapter.

Thank you MlleAdler for the ko-fis~ 

I already had this chapter translated last month, but editing for upload took awhile. I apologize for the long delay.

Man the past 2 months has been a whirlwind. Still understaffed at work and our state is open 100% *cries*. 
We have a bunch of people looking for part-time but we need full-time. I don’t have the mental capacity to train someone and then have them quit 1 or 2 months later…sigh. Unfortunately also due to this, I am left very exhausted at the end of each day as the only full timer. Therefore, chapters for ko-fi will be treated as a normal chapter, up whenever it is ready. I’m not as poor as before, but ko-fi is still open. Thank you all for your support thus far. Just 7.5 chapters until the end of the main story!

Anyways, it’s a miracle I could even upload this. I’m only getting errors on WordPress web version and can’t view to edit the pages at all. Had to go to an old version of their app. 

Thank you prime day, got lots of electronics replaced including the ruined keyboard and my ancient laptop from 2009 XDDD

Real chapter ➡️ click here ⬅️

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