Welcome to Spicy Chicken Translations!

About the Name

Spicy Chicken in Chinese, 辣鸡, sounds similar to trash, 垃圾。Bringing you a serving of “trash” for your fantasies *cough*yaoi/yuri*cough*

About the Translator

Aeryn, a piece of trash. Please support this piece of trash. Has about 60-70% Chinese comprehension, 30-40% MTL/dictionary aided. My listening comprehension is a lot better than my written comprehension. Still learning. ABC, Year of the Monkey, Leo, born the day after Ghost Festival in the lunar calendar. You can probably find me playing mobile games (Fire Emblem Heroes, Langrisser, etc.) with this name as Aeryn or AerynWeiss.

About the Editor

ReluctantEditor, dragged into this reluctantly by above piece of trash. No comment.


If you like our work, please consider sending us some caffeine~

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Ko-fi Goals: Please see the progress percentage of each series in the sidebar (bottom of page on mobile).

  • Up to 2 extra chapters a week to prevent burnout.
  • If something happens IRL and things get postponed, extra chapters with goals met will get carried over.
  • Please specify which series the ko-fi is for. If not, it’ll go towards “keep this spicy chicken fed” fund, and I’m gonna assume it’s for appreciation and morale boost 💕
  • If you forgot to specify, you can email/contact me. DM on Twitter is also okay.
  • At the moment, I have no stockpile for early access.
  • Since I have no stockpile, please allow a couple days of buffer time during busier times.

Chapter Count Breakdown
Ghosts Know: Due to sheer size of most of the chapters, they are split. Each part will count as a “chapter.”

  • Chapters around 5k words or less: entire chapter = 1 chapter
  • Chapters >5k words: 1 part = 1 chapter

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