【TGM】Chapter 5

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn (You should be reading this at Spicy Chicken Translations)

Chapter 5 

In the end, Xiang Tiange couldn’t beat my “devil speaking in my ear” (she said it herself). Then adding on that it’s certainly the safest at her side at this moment. Guessing that she is also doubting me, so she lets me sleep in her bed.

“You let go, go to sleep by yourself,” says Xiang Tiange indifferently, sitting by the head of the bed.

I firmly hold onto her without letting go, “Then what about you?”

“I’ll sleep while sitting.”

“You’re actually not sleeping with me!?” My face is filled with disbelief, “Is it because you want to to slip away after I have fallen asleep and make me die in an accident!? You’ve gone too far, you’re heartless! Don’t forget who was it that had snatched me into the General’s Manor!”

Xiang Tiange, “……You’re thinking too much.”

“Then why won’t you sleep with me! I won’t do anything to you! I’m not even afraid of you doing something to me!”

Xiang Tiange’s darkened face is stiff for a while before finally compromising, “Then you let go of me first, I will go blow out the candle.”

“I’m going with you!”

“……” Xiang Tiange ignores my suggestion and immediately takes out a copper coin from her pocket, tossing it over to extinguish the candle.

Watching this efficient skill, I can’t help but clap with a face full of admiration.

Xiang Tiange lies down beside me and says in a bad tone, “Sleep.”

I also think that I’ve disturbed enough for tonight. Afraid of being thrown out of the General’s Manor if I cause any more trouble, I obediently lie down to sleep without forgetting to take out a hand in order to grab onto her sleeve.

In the darkness, Xiang Tiange’s clear voice is very audible, “If I had known earlier……I definitely would not order people to punish you on that day.”

Are you talking about those ten planks at the beginning? But I heard Lu Shui say that my predecessor had fainted after only three planks. Then, I arrived……No matter what, hearing the other feel remorseful like this, I’m nevertheless very happy. Right when I’m about to say “no problem, I don’t blame you,” I only hear the end of the next phrase that she adds.

——“I also didn’t expect that those trifling three planks to also break your brain.”

Xiang Tiange’s voice sounds like she’s really remorseful. I promptly take back my touched feelings. I hold onto arm and fell asleep.

When I wake up, I find that Xiang Tiange had already left.

Right now it’s broad daylight. Only now do I clearly see how her room looks like. Just like the way she dresses, there’s no inconvenient things and minimalistic. There’s not even a single calligraphy hanging. Instead, a bow and arrow and a short knife are displayed.

I curiously get off the bed to go over. I pick up the dagger, unsheathing to carefully looking at it.

Does this knife have a sharpened edge?

I stroke the blade, then……I throw the knife and cover my finger with a regretful face.

When Xiang Tiange comes in, she sees me crouching on the ground while covering my finger, wanting to cry but not crying. On the floor, there’s a dagger.

Xiang Tiange, “……What happened?”

“Motherf*ck! Who put a sharpened lethal weapon in the room!? What if the weak me gets hurt, ah!” I lift my head to look at her. In a split second, tears flow down.


Xiang Tiange wordlessly picks up the knife off the ground, inserts it into its scabbard, and puts it back in its original place. She seems to be smiling yet not smiling, “First thing in the morning, there is nothing going on and you are still able to hurt yourself. You are the first person.”

I don’t talk, simply continuing to shed tears with muffled cries.

Seeing that I haven’t responded, Xiang Tiange seems to be somewhat unable to adapt. She coughs, crouching down to grab my hand. Once she sees the wound, she is startled, “How is it this deep?”

“I thought it was unsharpened……,” I reply between sobs. I originally only wanted to do it for appearances, who knew that I would really get hurt?

Xiang Tiange is probably shocked by my stupidity since she doesn’t say anything.

I see this posture and ask with a little bit of expectations, “Are you helping me stop the bleeding? Is it the the very ambiguous kind using the mouth?”

Xiang Tiange face becomes conflicted, “The entire day, you only think of unreasonable things?”

She straightforwardly pulls up my cuff and ties the handkerchief. She helps me press on my wound, then from her waist, she fishes out a small bottle. Using her mouth to bite the cork, she pours some medicine onto the wound.

“Remember to not let water touch the wound. After two days, it will be better.”

I blankly watch her series of movements. My face suddenly becomes red, lowering my head to bashfully answer her with a sound.

“……What are you blushing for!?” The corner of Xiang Tiange’s mouth twitches. She doesn’t want to continue talking, standing up to leave.

I look at my own wound, suddenly feeling that……En, it should be that my CP hasn’t run away.

Even if it’s not my CP……I also have to create the conditions to make her become my CP!

Look, a character with attractiveness, ability, IQ, who doesn’t treat me badly, and presently doesn’t have someone they like, a suitable and good CP candidate, ah! The same gender is not a problem at all, ah!

I summon up my courage and stand up, yelling at her back in a loud voice, “Xiang Tiange! I am following you, okay?!”

Xiang Tiange, who had already walked out onto the path, stops upon hearing. She changes directions and returns, her face carrying a somewhat dignified look, “Bo Qingbo, are you serious?”

Eh? Could it be that the other already has this intention? I widen my eyes, pressing down the excitement in my heart. I firmly nod my head, “Of course I’m serious!”

Xiang Tiange starts to laugh. One can tell it is a smile from the heart that is hard to come by. Her tone is also unprecedentedly gentle, “Then……tidy up a bit, then go with me later.”

I immediately tidy up, gladly and diligently walking with her.

I cover my face, “Tiange, where are we going? Are we eloping? I’m a bit shy.”

Xiang Tiange helplessly says, “You are starting to talk nonsense again……We are going to the barracks.”

Me, “……Meow?”

At the barracks, Xiang Tiange is still sincerely and earnestly says to me, “Even if you and I have a relationship , it’s a household relationship. You must also start from the bottom and climb up……Considering you don’t have any strength, you can first do some paperwork. We are lacking people in this area.”

Me, “……” So it turns out agreeing to following you is like this!?

I feel like my heart is very tired, I feel very wronged, and I really wish to be alone and calm down.

However, this place is indeed a lot safer, and I can spend more time with my future CP to promote favorable impressions. I still accepted this arrangement. Moreover, every time I handle my work very quickly, I will have time to go over to see Xiang Tiange, trying hard to show my presence in front of her.

Occasionally, her subordinates, army sisters and brothers, will come to me to talk.

“What is your purpose here?”

“I want Tiange to see me.”

“……” Retreat (in defeat) x1

“But, didn’t you become Prince Qu’s side consort?”

“He’s just a springboard.”

“You’re not afraid of him?”

“Heehee, I can give him a green hat to wear at any time, can he?”1

“……” Retreat (in defeat) x2

“You are a good lady. Why are you fixated on our General and not letting go? She’s also a woman.”

“You are a man, are you stronger than her? Forgive my bluntness, but besides Tiange, you all are spicy chickens.”2

“……” Retreat (in defeat) xn

Seven days later, probably because there’s a group of colleagues who can’t accept being disturbed, and Xiang Tiange responds. Finally this Great General calls me over to ask questions.

I carefully freshen up. In the relieved gazes of colleagues, I head towards the General’s location.

Xiang Tiange is sitting upright in front of documents. She raises her head to look at me and furrows her brows. Her complexion shows a bit of hesitation, “Young Lady Bo, Do you want to come to my side……”

In a split second, I feel the dawn of victory emerge, following closely to hear the other’s finishing words, “……to train a bit? I think you are quite talented.”

In an instant, I am aggrieved and heartbroken.

I regard you as a strategical target, but you think I’m here to fight monsters!

The Author has something to say:
Updated la!!!

Translator’s Notes
1 To wear a green hat – when someone’s partner/husband/wife cheats on them.
2 Spicy chicken – a homophone in Chinese, spicy chicken sounds like trash. Therefore, spicy chicken=trash. (Where this site name comes from! :D)

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