【TGM】Chapter 4

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn

Chapter 4

This General’s Manor, the water’s a bit deep.

I sigh as I eat the osmanthus cakes that Hong Zhang brought for me. There’s still some benefits of transmigrating to the ancient times.

In addition……compared to young concubines in those novels that needs to pay respects first thing in the morning, I practically cannot be more fine——don’t have to go attend to the nominal husband, don’t have to look after mother-in-law, only need to face the main wife——Main wife still has the real power and goes to the imperial court, five days a week. The time I get to see the other person is not much, besides the time at the General’s Manor, I can even walk sideways and no one will care.

……Although, the those servants’ gazes are either disdainful or that they’re gossipy, but they really don’t have the qualifications to control me ah!

Just like this, I had freeloaded food and drinks for five days. I’m still happy as before, but the two maids can’t hold it anymore.

“Young Miss, do you have any plans on what to do in the future?” Hong Zhang takes the initiative to ask.

Ever since I had discovered that I have no interest in Qu Xiang, the two of them have also complied with my demands and have gone back to the way they used to call me, no longer calling out “concubine.” It’s not even the decent appellation to hear.

“Plan?” I stuff a mung bean cake into my mouth while holding Sun Tzu’s Art of War. With hesitation, I ask, “Does freeloading the food and waiting for death count?”

Hong Zhang, “……”

“Relax. Live in the moment, worry about tomorrow’s worries tomorrow. Why be afraid of things that has not happened yet?” I raise a cup of floral tea, carefreely flicking my sleeve, I drain the cup in one gulp. Smacking my lips, I wish for more, “En! Good tea!”

Lu Shui’s face is filled with admiration, “Young Miss is so awesome!”

Hong Zhang, “……”

I think Hong Zhang probably wants to change masters to serve.

However, I’m not the type of person to really wait for the knife to arrive at the neck and then start to cry, or the type of person to start running when the tiger catches up to the heel.

I have also been thinking of a way out these past five days.

Currently, my female supporting characters and female lead plan is completely hopeless. Clearly, following Qu Xiang is also not very reliable. To say the least, after I get a hold of the 200,000 taels of silver, whether or not I still have a life to spend them is another matter.

Although I love money, I’m not lacking money. Not to mention, the General’s Manor has everything. Even if I’m bored out of my mind, I can pester other people to find stories for me to read. Besides my predecessor probably beaten by the plank when I first came, I have been practically living quite comfortably in this official’s manor.

If I work with Qu Xiang, it’ll be riches and honor, but my life will be in danger. And if I follow Xiang Tiange, I can live at ease.

In any case, comparing to the pretty boy Qu Xiang whose frame carries an air of arrogance and unconsciously scorning me, I like the Xiang Tiange who says everything clearly and makes people feel very safe.

I think the most important task now is to make Xiang Tiange view me as an indispensable existence. It’s best to have grace from saving her life and what not so she can’t cast me away. Then, I can stick to her side to freeload for a lifetime at ease!

……Eh? It seems like something’s not quite right……

Anyways, my target is very clear! Currently, the easiest and the most feasible thigh to hug is Xiang Tiange!

After making up my mind, I pat away the pastry crumbs on my fingers and let Lu Shui comb my hair into a cute and lovely hanging buns hairstyle.1 Taking a look in the mirror, I joyfully rush to find Xiang Tiange after I confirm that I’m all pretty.

“Wait! Young Miss! General hasn’t come back yet!”

“Doesn’t matter! I’ll go to her room and wait! I decided to abandon that pretty boy Qu Xiang and rely on General!”

Of course, I ultimately can’t enter the Great General’s room. Rather, I’m invited to go to the hall.

There are personal soldiers guarding next to her side, probably watching me so I don’t cause a ruckus or ask about. I also very obediently just sit there waiting.

Xiang Tiange has just left court and returned home. She doesn’t change out of her court attire and directly heads to the hall. Unsure if something had happened during court, her mood doesn’t seem to be very good, and her complexion is somewhat gloomy. Her gaze looking at my direction is definitely not friendly. She asked in a flat tone, “What are you here for?”

I blank for a moment and feel that this moment is a perfect opportunity to reveal my strength. In that case, I use both of my hands to twist a handkerchief and move over with a worried expression, “Tiange, are you alright?”

Xiang Tiange slightly raises her brow, and her expression is somewhat contradictory, being on guard to some degree, “What are you playing at again?”

I lower my head, and my complexion slightly reddens, “This one wishes to be together with you……”

Xiang Tiange, “……=_=”

“Aiya! This one said it out loud!” I cover my face with both hands, acting embarrassed, and shyly tapped my foot.

With a stupefied expression, Xiang Tiange waves her hand to indicate her personal soldiers to withdraw. After waiting for the personal soldiers to leave, she immediately pinches my face with one hand and smiles with rage, gritting her teeth, “Bo Qingbo! You speak to me in human words!”

I blink my eyes. In regards to the other’s rough behavior and is also still unmoved, I can only approach a bit more properly, “I don’t want to work together with Qu Xiang, but to immediately shed all pretense will be very dangerous for me, so I want to rely on your help.”

Probably because she didn’t expect me to be so straightforward, Xiang Tiange is stumped for words, and her hand loosens a little.

Looking up at her, I ask in a serious tone, “Can you protect me?”

Xiang Tiange watches me for a moment. Slowly releasing her hand, her pair of phoenix eyes that curves up blinks.

“I can protect you, but I don’t keep worthless people. What can you do in exchange?”

I contemplate for a moment and think that besides my face, there’s nothing that I can offer. So I reply with a sincere face, “You wait and see! I will show my usefulness!”

Xiang Tiange’s expression becomes slightly different. She doesn’t deny and nods her head, then turns to leave.

Standing in my spot, I complacently watch the view of her back.

The same night, I change into a set of black clothes. Feigning sleep, I avoid the two maids’ attention, going towards the direction of Xiang Tiange’s room.

Xiang Tiange’s room……to tell the truth, the sky’s too dark, and I can’t see clearly. I just grope around and climb onto the other’s bed. Then, I pull the covers close, falling asleep in the end.

By the time I’m called awake, the first thing I see when I open my eyes is Xiang Tiange standing by the bedside with an ashen face. The red glow of the candle flames can’t add much warmth to the other person.

I use my hand to support my hand. Maintaining the Drunken Beauty’s2 reclining posture, I blink my eyes while facing her, “General, you’re back——“

Xiang Tiange is silent for a long time. She sighs and opens her mouth to ask, “What are you doing here?”

“Because this one’s four limbs are not hardworking, cannot distinguish between the five crops, and does not know anything. You asked me what use do I have. After carefully thinking, I only have this face, so I have come here to warm the bed for you.” I press onto the bed after I had finished talking. I lazily yawn, “Tiange, your bed is a little too hard, sigh, have them add another quilt.”

Xiang Tiange reveals another sinister smile, “Then have them use the quilt to roll you up and throw you out, isn’t that nice?”

“This one is already your person. How can you have the heart to treat me like this?” I use my fist to beat the bed, weeping like so as if I’m sobbing.

Xiang Tiange’s face darkens. Right when she wishes to speak, one of her personal soldiers outside who is always following her runs in, “Report——! General! An assassin has entered the Young Miss Bo’s guest room——“

Xiang Tiange and I both freeze. I nervously sit up all of a sudden. Holy shit, there’s someone who wants to kill in order to silence me?! If I hadn’t climbed onto this bed on a whim, wouldn’t I be dead?!

This time, it’s the personal soldier’s turn to freeze. She looks at me, then looks at Xiang Tiange. In the end, her face suddenly turns red, turning around to run.

Xiang Tiange, “……Bai Fu!3 Come back!”

The personal soldier called Bai Fu coyly comes back. Xiang Tiange gives me a glare and then starts talking about proper business, “What happened over there?”

“Apparently, there’s a spy providing support……the assassin has already been caught. Waiting for General to go over and interrogate,” says Bai Fu without elaborating, probably it’s better to keep it from me.

Xiang Tiange lifts a hand to rub her between her brows, seemingly a bit intolerant, “It’s just someone from one of those few sides, there’s also not much to ask. Immediately interrogate them. I’ll handle it tomorrow.”

After Bai Fu withdraws, I’m still frightened. Xiang Tiange’s expression is indifferent, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

I’m still in shock. Suddenly hearing what’s said, only then I realize that the other person is probably suspecting me as that spy.

Thinking that I had almost died, this body still has a lot of secrets that I do not know of. I’m not the female lead and I can’t become the female supporting character. I suppose I’m a cannon fodder. All of a sudden, I feel extremely wronged. Blinking my eyes a few times, I suddenly cry all at once.

Xiang Tiange, “……”

She decisively turns to leave. I immediately get off the bed and firmly grab onto her waist, “You can’t go! What if someone comes to kill me after you leave!?”

Xiang Tiange is quickly becoming angry and starts to pry off my fingers to make me let go, “What are you thinking? You still don’t have that value!”

“Then, what if I know some heaven-shaking big secret and they want to silence me?!”

“……What do you know?”

“I also don’t know!”


“TV……the stories are all like this, ah! Once I accidentally break out a secret that I don’t even know, but the assassins certainly would rather kill the wrong person than let me go, and then come kill me! What do I do if I’m a cannon fodder!? You said you’ll protect me, you’re heartless!”

“……The more you talk, the more unreasonable you are.” Xiang Tiange is helpless and gives up resisting, “Just what do you want?”

“I want to sleep with you,” I say as I wipe my face with a handkerchief and open my bright red eyes.

Here is definitely the safest place! I’m really f*cking quick-witted!

The Author has something to say:
I always feel that the more I write, the longer it’s getting………………not good, need to restrain!

Translator’s Notes
1 垂挂髻 Hanging buns hairstyle – something like this:  
2 Drunken Beauty or Drunken Concubine – a Chinese opera piece from the Qing Dynasty.
3 Bai Fu 白浮 – name is also taken from the poem. Bai is the surname, means white. Fu means to float. 

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