【TGM】Chapter 2

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell) If you’re not reading this Spicy chicken translations . Word press . Com, you’re
Translator: Aeryn
Unedited not reading this with full experience with page jumps, informational images and links.

Chapter 2  

Baby’s heart is bitter, but Baby can’t say it.

I finally fully understand my position. I’m a young miss, born from a concubine, of the Prime Minister’s Manor. I had an affair with Prince Yixing, Qu Xiang, and had just married into the manor two days ago.

Although……this Prince Yixing’s first wife is Da Qi Dynasty’s——that’s right, this is still an alternate dynasty——one and only female general.

Xiang Tiange, Da Qi Dynasty’s only female general, has an official’s salary and a proper official position. But most importantly——she’s in control of the army and holds real power. She’s the kind of type to substitute their elder brother’s enlistment in the army. Back then, the elder brother had died while seizing the throne for the current emperor. The Xiang family had no one else to bestow the reward to and it fell onto the barely 10 years old Xiang Tiange’s head. Xiang Tiange had used the riches and honor in return to enter the barracks five years later to carry on her brother’s will.

The things that had happened afterward is simply like a common novel with a strong female. Because of her outstanding and illustrious military service, she was granted the title of General. And three years ago, during Prince Ning’s armed rebellion, she had saved the emperor and rehabilitated the traitor, and was given an imperial edict to grant a marriage to the capital’s number one most beautiful man, every girl of a wealthy family’s dream lover——Prince Yixing, Qu Xiang. The two has been married for half a year. However, the two of them always appear to be harmonious but divided at heart at home, and they also strive to oppose each other at court. The prince detests the formidable and domineering general, and the general is also not a master that will suffer a loss.

At this time, the gentle and considerate young miss ·scheming GIRL· of the Bo family had appeared like this.1 Afterwards, Qu Xiang had become strong-willed, forcibly standing against the opinion of the masses and bringing her into the manor. However, on the night she was brought into the manor, their wedding night was destroyed by the general’s guards, snatching the newly accepted concubine. And then……And then, that’s when I had arrived. And besides, the matter of losing face to the point of dying had happened when meeting with the general for the first time.

“Young miss-……Concubine……Ah——! I don’t care! Young Miss, just what were you thinking?! Could it be that you only promised the prince for General?!” The young girl dressed in green appears to be somewhat falling apart.

“Lu Shui, calm down.” I very calmly return a sentence, pondering over what my next step should be.

In this situation, I can feel two roads appearing in front of me.

And the most important question is……I——Whose true love am I?

It’ll be eternal damnation if I take the wrong road, ah! There’s definitely a BE!

Right when I’m deeply thinking, Hong Zhang carries a bowl of lotus seed congee over, “If I have to say……Concubine like this is only proper.”

I can’t help but look at her.

“If I have to say, it’s still General that has the emperor’s trust. Following General is definitely not wrong. After all, the prince is only a title bestowed by the emperor. Although everyone says that he’s the number one most beautiful man, who doesn’t know that he’s an idiot prince that relied on his ancestors to get to his position?” Hong Zhang disapprovingly says as if she, a servant girl, doesn’t feel the slightest on how big of an offense it is to comment rashly about the prince.

I blankly stuff a mouthful of lotus seed congee. After vaguely swallowing, I hurriedly tug at Hong Zhang’s sleeve and ask, “So……General is the handsome one, a woman that has the authority over the army. Prince is a pretty boy that has nothing special besides his face?”2

Lu Shui’s expression suddenly changes, “Young Miss! How could you say that about the prince……what if it gets known……”

I grin at her with an indifferent face.

Heehee, I have already offended the general. Why should I be afraid of a pretty boy that can’t protect me?

I finally understand. She is singing towards the sky with her neck bent in a lovely curve!3 This CP is the right one! I might be a cannon fodder to promote the feelings of the male and female protagonist, ah!

Xiang Tiange, this woman has practically gathered all kinds of elements of a female protagonist. In contrast, me, this little white flower might be able to counterattack if it’s a rebirth. Otherwise, I’m clearly a cannon fodder DLC.4

Also, Qu Xiang is currently Da Qi’s only prince……I’m afraid it’s also not that simple.

These two will probably go through a series of misunderstandings, reconcile, appreciate each other, clear the misunderstandings, make clear true feelings, still misunderstand, get jealous, reconcile, get together, this kind of pretentious and complicated course of events, and finally HE.

But——I will not let them do so!

I won’t be responsible for acting out the scenes of a female supporting cannon fodder character! Even if it’s a female supporting character! I also want to be the kind of female supporting character that pledges their life to follow the female lead, and ultimately be a female supporting character that shows her power of friendship to the female lead! Then, my CP will probably be a military advisor or subordinate, etc. at the general’s side……Although the status is down a level, it’s better to be safe!

After determining my plan, my heart feels at lot better. I let Lu Shui and Hong Zhang change me into lake-blue set of clothes and make me all pretty before going to the find General.

This time, I’m going to find the general. Her two personal guards dressed in female clothes don’t stop me, but they glance at me with a complicated look.

Thinking about how I need to follow the general in the future and need to have a good relationship with these people, I can’t help but smile at them, then going over to ask them, “Where’s the general?”

The two’s expressions become even more complicated, but they don’t make things difficult for me like yesterday and lead me to the courtyard.

In the middle of the courtyard, the general, wearing plain black clothes with her hair tied up in a ponytail, is currently practicing with her sword. Each move and form are all proficient and not a joke, carrying some murderous aura. Carefully looking, her facial features are actually quite delicate and can be called a beauty. But because she rarely smiles or laughs and her every movement exudes a heroic aura makes people ignore her appearance and remember her temperament instead.

I just sneak behind the rockery to secretly peek, thinking of waiting until the other is in the middle of resting before courting favor. Unexpectedly, the other person seems to notice me and looks in my direction. Her lips curl as she throws a sword over. Before I can react, the sword inserts directly into the rockery where I am hiding at. I get startled all of a sudden, and I fall back a few steps, accidentally tripping and falling onto the ground.

Immediately after, I look up and see that Xiang Tiange has already walked in front of me. There’s a bit of bad intent within her splendid smile as she reaches her hand out to me, “Got scared?”

I know that in this general direction, the female lead counterattacks against the malicious female supporting character. And then maybe in the next second, the male lead will jump out, sees this scene, and the female lead gets misunderstood. Immediately carrying out a “Humph! I won’t explain. You protect that little slut. F*ck it! This old woman will make you regret one day!”……

“Xiang Tiange! What are you doing!?” A voice with obvious dissatisfaction sounds.

……Che! That’s too quick, do you think you’re the Great Demon King of Meat Mountain?5

Looking at Xiang Tiange’s expression turning cold all of a sudden and also seeing a man wearing yellow who’s probably the prince walking over, I realize that this is a good chance.

As a female supporting character that wants to tightly hug the female lead’s big thigh and follow along for a long time, I won’t let the misunderstandings happen!

Seeing that Xiang Tiange’s about to take back her hand, I quickly grab onto her hand, firmly holding on. Shyly using a sleeve to cover half of my face, I cutely call out and deliberately stretch out her name, “Tiange——“

Xiang Tiange’s face suddenly changes and gets rid of my hand. She retreats several steps back, looking at me with an expression as if she has eaten a fly.

I look at her with full anticipation. How is it? Can you sense my goodwill?

“……Qu Xiang is here, you should go over,” dryly says the handsome, plainly clothed female general with facial nerve paralysis.

I’m speechless for a moment, and something seems to sound next to my ears. In front of me, I seem to see an emoji——Xiang Tiange doesn’t want to talk to you and throws a Qu Xiang at you. _(:з)∠)_

The Author has something to say:
Eh? There’s actually people that don’t know the CP, of course it’s GeneralXConcubine!

Translator’s Notes
1 GIRL is originally in English.
2 小白脸 pretty boy: literally little white face, also means gigolo.
3 This line in the poem (check Chapter 1 notes for link) is the prince’s and the general’s names: Qu Xiang Xiang Tian Ge.
4 种子 DLC: the original term means seed and I think it refers to the seed/seeding of bit torrents and not something like flower seeds. I’m not too familiar with these terms, but I think DLC is funnier than seed. After all, she did get “downloaded.”
5 肉山大魔王 Great Demon King of Meat Mountain – Literal translation for Roshan from DotA.

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17 thoughts on “【TGM】Chapter 2

  1. “I also want to be the kind of female supporting character that pledges their life to follow the female lead, and ultimately be a female supporting character that shows her power of friendship to the female lead! Then, my CP will probably be a military advisor or subordinate, etc. at the general’s side……Although the status is down a level, it’s better to be safe!”

    I don’t think I’ve read an ancient times novel where the female supporting characters get benefits like CPs lol. Usually they’re maids so they don’t even get to have their own lives.


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