【TGM】Chapter 3

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell) If you’re not reading this Spicy chicken translations . Word press . Com, you’re
Translator: Aeryn
Unedited not reading this with full experience with page jumps, informational images and links.
Chapter 3 

As far as I’m concerned, Qu Xiang is garbage. ——BY Bo·can’t get a grasp on the script·Qingbo

Just like this, I watch Xiang Tiange walk away as if she’s fleeing, and Prince Qu Xiang who’s probably my lover comes over. Looking at me with a gentle and pitying expression that renders people helpless, he bends over to help me up, and then……he smiles. The handsome face leans closer, and he softly says next to my ear, “Well done, Bo Qingbo.”

In a split second, shivers run down my spine. Faking coolness, I say in a fine voice, “Prince, what are you saying? Concubine does not understand.”

“Within a month, make Xiang Tiange take the initiative to divorce. This is the condition for you to enter the manor. Little Qingbo, did you perhaps forget?” Qu Xiang rubs my head and laughs. He hugs me in an intimate manner, raises his voice, and his expression becomes indignant all of a sudden, “Rest assured, I will not let you be wronged!”

With an expressionless face, I think this pretty fine man is about to be finished.

Furthermore, I’m also about to be finished.

Originally, I had thought I was only an ordinary white lotus flower of a young concubine. I had never thought that I would even be a secret agent.

“Let’s go, darling.” Qu Xiang’s voice is soft and soothing as he supports my hand. Matching with this good looking face, it really has the capability to make hearts race. I suppose this body’s former self had been dazzled by this pretty boy and did this kind of arduous and thankless task.

However, I am not that simple.

Because……my idol……is Chen Daoming.

Although, I’m also looking at the face, but I’m mainly looking at temperament.

Uncle Daoming is the most handsome in the world! I won’t be dazzled by pretty boy’s external appearance!

Thinking to this point, I add a smile to my face, “I don’t need a month, I’ll finish the task in half a month. The thing you promised me, you will be able to do it, right?”

Qu Xiang’s gaze flashes and the corners of his lips curl up, making him appear more and more beautiful and handsome, “That is natural……I promise that after you have accomplished these matters, I will give you 100,000 taels of silver, two houses in the suburbs, and guarantee you a lifetime worth of food and clothes.”

……My predecessor has so many requirements! I originally thought she unrealistically fell for the other’s beauty and wanted to be his main wife. But, this is fits my thoughts very well! My gaze in my eyes become more firm, “If I finish in half a month, double the reward!”

Qu Xiang is silent for a while, then nods his head in a reserved manner, “Approved.”

After getting the promise, a sweet smile appears on my face. Looking at Qu Xiang face to face looks as if we’re close when in fact it looks like an ordinary cock fight as I return to my own room.

Immediately after, I call Lu Shui and Hong Zhang over to carefully ask them.

I learn that Qu Xiang is an imperial merchant, and the reason he got the title Prince Yixing is because the Qu Family……has money, a lot of money, really a lot of money. Da Qi’s founding emperor has obtained the Qu family’s assistance at that time and deeply remembers their grace, especially conferring the title of prince.1 However when it comes to battling the whole world, he had called him “good brother” sweetly, and then later felt like the other party was not pleasing to their eyes as if he’s a neighboring old king behind his back.

During the founding of the country, there were four other princes with different surnames than the emperor. Now there’s only the one from the Qu family left. Nevertheless, because they have a lot of money and also know how to earn money, the emperor is afraid of the consequences and also reluctant to let go of them, and they have stayed until now.

No wonder Qu Xiang doesn’t have any real power despite being named a prince. It’s still better to act depending on General’s expression.

But……this time I also believe Qu Xiang isn’t framing me.

Once I think that I can get 200,000 taels of silver after half a month, I become somewhat excited!

Thinking to this point, I call out to the two maids, “Come, come. Help me decide tomorrow’s clothing.”

Lu Shui has on a look of joy, “Young Miss, is it for the prince?”

“No!” I make a fist, firmly replying, “According to General’s preferences!”

I have already thought of the script! Become friends with the General, clearly understand the main issue of this marriage in name only, persuade for a divorce, take the money, and be an idle rich person, seeing the great rivers and mountains! How great!

It’s just that……thinking is easy, but when I happily run over to find Xiang Tiange after getting dressed the next day, I find that she’s not there.

Because she……has already gone to morning court very early.

One is a general that has real power, a proper second rank, a rank much higher than Qu Xiang. Otherwise, there’s no such thing as having the courage to snatch the husband’s young concubine during the wedding ceremony.

I know that I’ll be replacing this identity. Although, she’s a daughter born from a concubine, she is rather favored in the Bo family. Not to mention, the current empress is the Bo family’s daughter of the first wife. But thinking about changing identities, if there’s really no status at all, Qu Xiang wouldn’t come to collaborate.

Also, Qu Xiang wants a divorce……It’s either avoiding Xiang Tiange or be afraid of the consequences of the things that Xiang Tiange stands for.

After all, Prince Yixing is originally pretty dangerous and matching with the great general who has real power, that is the rhythm of being ruined by rumors and slanders, ah.

After figuring out the key point, I am even more determined to finish this task and stay away from the capital. But when I’m still at the capital……I have decided to tightly hug Xiang Tiange’s thigh.

Although I don’t understand much about dynastic politics, I can be certain that the one with the real power is the boss.

Waiting like this, I had waited until the day quickly became dark.

I let Lu Shui carry a lantern, stand at the doorway, and look at the entrance, anxiously waiting with a mournful face.

“Young Miss……Are we really still going to wait? I asked the people on the General’s side. They said that the other side went to the barracks after leaving court and may not return today,” says Lu Shui as she yawns.

“No! We have to continue waiting!” I angrily scratch the doorframe with my nails, leaving a claw mark. I must make the other person see the miserable look of me waiting for her the moment she comes back, and thus making her feel my sincerity!

Then, I sit down by the door frame and fall asleep. When I’m being called awake, I open my eyes, and right away, I see Xiang Tiange’s elegant face underneath the lantern lights.

The other person’s face is partially indifferent and also partially complicated.

I look around and notice that Lu Shui’s not here anymore. There’s only us two in the surroundings.

Xiang Tiange slowly starts to talk, “Right now, there’s no one here……”

“……and then we will do shameful stuff?” I hold my face in both hands with an unbelievable expression.

Xiang Tiange raises an eyebrow, and her cool tone carries a trace of teasing, “Could it be that Qu Xiang wasn’t able to satisfy you?”

I look at her somewhat accidentally. Sure enough, if you stay long enough in the barracks, they would also speak about vulgar things? But……they can’t beat me!

I nod my head, beaming, “That’s right, so I want you to come.”

Xiang Tiange, “……”

“……I won’t touch Qu Xiang, it doesn’t mean that I’m interested in you.” After Xiang Tiange had finished talking, she probably also feels like her own words are a bit strange and dryly coughs. She furrows her brows and says with a somewhat cold and stern expression, “Qu Xiang only wants the divorce papers? Just like this and it could move the Bo family’s young miss, this could be considered as working hard.”

I freeze, widening my eyes and looking at her.

This expression is probably entertaining to the other party. She smiles
and intentionally points out, “This is the General’s Manor.”

In other words……in fact, the words Qu Xiang and I have said were all heard? Are we under surveillance? Or are there hidden guards?

“Go tell Qu Xiang, after a month, I will naturally give him the divorce papers. As for others, don’t even think about the things that are not his own.”

Done talking, she steps over the threshold, heading inside.

I blank for a moment, and then suddenly realize that the one month time that Qu Xiang had set……I’m afraid there’s some twists that I’m not clear about.

I foolishly stay sitting on the doorstep, and Xiang Tiange, who had walked a few steps inside, turns around and shouts at me, “The upbringing of the Bo family is like this? Sitting there, improper!”

I blankly look in her direction and notice that the other person definitely has the intention to wait for me to walk together. I blink my eyes, lean against the frame, and weakly cry out a sound, “My feet are numb, needs Tiange to hug me in order to get up!”

Xiang Tiange, “……”

She firmly leaves without ever looking back.

En, it seems like this method won’t work. I pound on my leg while calmly thinking.

Tomorrow, how should I give a favorable opinion?

The situation with this love triangle is too complicated. I totally can’t see though the script. To tell the truth, if I can make Xiang Tiange give me 100,000 taels of silver, wouldn’t I be able to get out of here?

The Author has something to say:
I thought that this could be finished in three chapters…didn’t expect inspiration to come and can write longer! (Hey)
PS: A reader had said that they saw a Shibu Inu face automatically appearing on the protagonist…………I actually cannot refute.

Translator’s Notes
1 异姓王 Prince Yixing: I should probably mention this in the last chapter, but Prince Yi Xing literally means prince with a different last name (than the emperor). It’s might not Qu Xiang’s Prince title but so far he’s only being called this so it might be his prince title. It’s a mouthful to say Prince with a different last name every time so I’m using it as if it’s his title. Besides, he’s the only “prince” left.

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  1. An emperor can bestow a subordinate as “king” who would have a vassal state for example, and if there is a big merit he can also bestow a status of a princess or a prince to a child of some subordinates. They would have honorable prince/princess title but without status.
    In original language we can see the difference clearer, because the title is different. Prince of second rank or lower with different surname like this can only be either Junwang or Xianwang for example. Princess of the analog status can only be Xianzhu or Junzhu. Gongzhu is only for the direct line of original royal family member.

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