Ghosts Know Chapter 65 Part 3

Chapter 65 Part 3

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As some of you may have noticed, some translators of JJWXC novels are locking their chapters. Why? Because JJWXC is working on their international English base. Unfortunately, since I do not have a Chinese citizenship ID or bank account, I cannot partake in their English translation program. While I translate for practice and fun, it’s been a long time running. I do not want others to steal years of our hard work and profit off it. Therefore, all JJWXC chapters that are originally behind a lock will be password locked. The password will be periodically changed. I hate to do this, but please understand the necessity. (In the meantime, I’ll chug more energy drinks on my day off to finish Ghosts Know XD)

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Ghosts Know Chapter 65 Part 2

Chapter 65 Part 2

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Extremely sorry for the long wait for this update. I can’t make any promises to be any faster right now due to short of staff at work. I’m like covering 3-4 people shifts most of the time. I do have more hands on deck during the evening now than compared with the last update. We also got flash flooded back in September. Boy was that a ride….it happened while I was still at work.

Tho it might be slow, I really hope to finish this before I turn 30 LMAO.

With Omicron, the people here are kinda in a panic again. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy.
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Ghosts Know Chapter 65 Part 1

Chapter 65 Part 1

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I already had this chapter translated last month, but editing for upload took awhile. I apologize for the long delay.

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We have a bunch of people looking for part-time but we need full-time. I don’t have the mental capacity to train someone and then have them quit 1 or 2 months later…sigh. Unfortunately also due to this, I am left very exhausted at the end of each day as the only full timer. Therefore, chapters for ko-fi will be treated as a normal chapter, up whenever it is ready. I’m not as poor as before, but ko-fi is still open. Thank you all for your support thus far. Just 7.5 chapters until the end of the main story!

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Thank you prime day, got lots of electronics replaced including the ruined keyboard and my ancient laptop from 2009 XDDD

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Ghosts Know Chapter 63 Part 2

Chapter 63 Part 2

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Can you believe that January is almost over and Chinese/Lunar New Year is coming up?
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(I’m praying to the God of RNG as usual)

Disclaimer: I translated the author’s note with no context and a half fried brain at 2:30 am XD I’ve got no clue.

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