[GK] Chapter 62 Pt 1

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Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Author: Mo Chen Huan
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Chapter 62 Part 1

Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities If you’re having trouble, check. Yin’s true body can run and run, but S City claims to be gone soon.

When you were speaking Jingzhi, everyone spoke briefly and saw that this was the right thing to do.

Recently, Xi Jia did not have a job. So he went to the industrial park with Ye Jingzhou.

Cengxiu-Zhenjun previously said, “The two most dangerous yin creatures that exist in the city are very different. Yes, spiders can be different. Young Taoist Xi, young Taois Ye, we have to find a place where Yin is is not so strong and strong. “”

Xi Jia has lived in S City since childhood and has experience in an industrial park. He took the Ye Jingzhou Industrial Park from west to east. So they went through the three great lakes industrial park before circling the lake.

You, Jingzhi, saw the power of yin, and you did not need to grab the renegade to inspect the five parts. Xi Jia can see your strength. The couple carefully examined every corner of the area and found a wild ghost lurking and trembling in the corners.

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When Xi Jia saw this spirit, he felt like an evil spirit because others were inherently evil after the dead and its mighty power. He approached to look before he could speak, a strange ghost knelt and squeezed, he stretched Xi Jian in front of him and hugged his thighs with one blow: “Ghost King Xi, have mercy on my life, King of Hell, have mercy of my life! Just passed. When the night came, this came The little boy has gone. Please have mercy on my life, sir! ”

Xi Jia, “……”

Te Jingzhi, “……”

Brother Jia had lived there for many years and no one had ever hugged his thighs. He didn’t expect the first to embrace his thighs like a wild ghost.

In anger, Xi Jia fought with this spirit. Whoever turns out to be the most controversial, crawls again and screams: “Have mercy on me.”

Xi Jia thought for a moment before saying, “We’re not doing anything to you. Don’t do it, fix it first.”

After hearing this, a strange ghost hit Xi Jian’s thigh and dropped his head three more times. When Xi Jia saw that he was awake, he asked, “How do you know me and the Lord?” Get on your knees and pray for your life in this meeting like Deja Vu like Charlatan Pei ……

The Spirit replied, “This little one has heard the words of the elders.”

Xi Jia wondered, “Elder?”

Ghost Ghosts noticed that Xi Jia was not angry and sighed in relief before explaining, “Four months ago, the name Ghost King Xi became known at the Poyang Ghost Market and the war broke out. Our little ones took the host’s actions from the elders Heard that, unfortunately, a month before the Poyang Ghost Market all this was in the wrong place for machines and cell phones, and they couldn’t come to the Poyang Ghost Market to meet the owner. ”As he spoke, the ghost looked. This little one looked. Xi Jia and smiled gratefully.

Xi Jia, “……”

The ghost said with a smile, “This little thing will glorify you, Holy Ghost, King Xi. You are the little idol of this life! This little boy has died over a hundred times. Over the years he has never had a leader like that.” Seen you. Every time an elder tells your story, they all open the “Ghost Know” article, show a picture on the screen and tell us that King Xin’s Holy Spirit is a hero today! ”

The current hero, Ghost King Xi, is praised for the goose series “……”.

When he saw that this wild ghost was still trying to torture, he hurried away from Xi Jia. The wild spirit was given permission, exploded and jumped into Jingdu Lake, and a trail disappeared.

Xi Jia was completely speechless and said to Ye Jingzh, “I did not expect this ghost to use a smartphone and read ‘I know the light’ …” “Tell me what kind of person is a reader,” you know ? “Taina Jia is also a warrior in this world, but Taina Jia is also a warrior!

Xi Jian’s comments are supposed to be a complaint about the veracity of “Ghosts Know”. Te Jingzhi regards his wife as very extraordinary and extraordinary; Hence stated


The Author has something to say: lalalala

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