Ghosts Know Chapter 61 Part 1

Chapter 61 Part 1

Remember to scroll down and click on the link below for the real chapter.

Sorry for the wait! Wifi still a bit wonky but it’s up!

There’s no chapter name/sypnosis for this chapter because (1) I lost my device that had all the chapter names, (2) the official site has locked the chapter. 😉

Real chapter ➡️ click here ⬅️

3 thoughts on “Ghosts Know Chapter 61 Part 1

    • thanks for the chapter! god… i’ll never get over how adorable they are. nothing, and i mean NOTHING, beats the shy, awkward, yet eager puppy type MLs. the gap moe of big powerful dude who’s blushy and shy when it comes to their most favourite beloved person is just… unparalleled.

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