Ghosts Know Chapter 42 Part 3

Chapter 42 Part 3

Remember to scroll down and click on the link below for the real chapter.

End of Chapter 42~

Summer Break – Yup, I decided to be on break for a week while Reluctant is on vacay and catch up on some sleep. Reluctant will still be on vacay after a week, but is (reluctantly) willing to do like one or two releases before the end of July. And schedule will most likely be back to normal in August (even tho Reluctant is still on vacay in August :P). Will make a pinned announcement post a couple days later.

I feel like this is a repeat of Winter holidays…since fam is also visiting and I’m gonna be out showing them around again lol XD

Enjoy the chapter~

Real chapter ➡️ click here ⬅️

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