Ghosts Know Chapter 21 Part 2

Chapter 21 Part 2

Remember to scroll down and click on the link below for the real chapter.

Thank you all who have voted thus far. Since the majority of you prefer the sect names partially in English or don’t care, just 2 changes going forward: Tian Gong Zhai to Tian Gong Pavilion, and Zi Wei Xing Zhai to Zi Wei Xing Hall.

Thank you netizens of NUF for the suggestions. Because for goodness sake, I could not think of Zhai as Pavilion. Zhai could mean a room or building, basically a sort of space. Thesaurus didn’t have Pavilion or any nice sounding names for building so I was stumped.

I’ve also made a character and sect guide (mostly for myself because there’s so many people….) Can also be accessible through the main menu and linked in the table of contents page.

Real chapter ➡️ click here ⬅️

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