Ghosts Know Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Click to see me rant about content stealers.

It’s inevitable that there’s content stealers. I gave no permission for reposting the English translations anywhere. B-o-t-s are expected, but the site’s also user upload enabled, so that means you’re human, you found this, uploaded to that site, and the rest may or may not done by b-o-t-s. They have a contact email (surprisingly), but I decided not to contact them because apparently they’re thick-skinned and can’t read the one and only policy that I have on the sidebar (that’s visible on every page, and every platform). Perhaps it’s not the host’s fault but one of their users, but content thieves are honestly frustrating, so I’m gonna ignore and put up some basic countermeasures against b-o-t-s.

Sorry, honest readers. I expected it, but not so early because I haven’t even reached 1,000 visitors yet 🙃. Just because I expected it, doesn’t mean my morale wasn’t hit. But don’t worry, this won’t be dropped. The quality won’t decrease, and the schedule won’t slow down because of this. It’s still as usual.

Anyways I’m over it lollll. I’ll use it as free advertisement xD

I’ve started deleting the fake pages. The now broken links are still there in posts, but the real links can be found the Table of Contents page or the links at the bottom of the posts.

Anyways, now that the intro “arc” is over, onto the first “arc”! Please, enjoy! (Click above link and scroll down for the real one.) edit: since its been awhile, might as well update with link to REAL CHAPTER HERE

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