【TGM】Chapter 13

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn

Chapter 13

I feel like everything has suddenly piled altogether.

Big nephew is apparently the next-door ol’ Xiang’s son, and cheap brother-in-law has become cheap·green hat·brother-in-law. Sister seems to have played a very big chess move. My second nephew is given a name by my random “Yi”.

Also, the person that I like is going to the battlefield.

Humph! Spicy chicken Xiang Tiange! Heartbreaker! Destroying my youth! Not even taking responsibility after sleeping with me! Go to the battlefield yourself then! I absolutely won’t go to see you!

I am a person who keeps my word. Therefore, until Xiang Tiange has left the capital, I am still biting hard on my handkerchief.

However, the calmness disappears when Xiang Tiange leaves her personal soldiers that she has privately raised to me.

When I hear the report from Bai Fu, the leader that I have seen before, I simply blow my top——forget about you rejecting me, but even doing a “I’m doing this for you” before leaving like we have broken up but not broken up and secretly loving me kind of manner!?

Bai Fu sees that my expression isn’t too great and quickly takes the place of her master to speak, “General has said that if she goes out, the Xiang Family will be unstable, and the Bo Family only has you. Although there is Her Highness the Empress, she is still worried about your safety……After the matters of the Tiger Seal have leaked out, there has been people scouting for your information and from you, they are trying to……”

“Wait, wait a minute! It’s just a broken Tiger Seal! And even only a half! Why are so many people vying for it?” I’m about to go crazy, alright? Since the beginning, it’s all about the things that this broken tiger seal has attracted! Ah, no! Half of one!

Bai Fu looks at me with a somewhat twisted expression and opens. She opens her mouth, but in the end she remains tight-lipped. With an awkward expression, she says, “The General does not allow me to say.”

Me, “……” Really good!

I’m very angry so I go to the palace to tell the head of the family.

Bo Qingyou is still all smiles like before, “Aiya, seems like Little Tian still has friendship with my family’s Bo Bo.”

“I don’t need this kind of friendship. I just want to top her.” I expressionlessly say, “She on top is also barely acceptable.”

“Bo Bo, you are talking nonsense again.” Bo Qingyou isn’t scared by my audacious statements and bends her finger to flick my forehead. She leisurely says, “Want to know the real use of the Tiger Seal?”

I instantly quiver, seeing that the other is still smiling as if nothing had happened. I gulp a mouthful of saliva and feel like the hardest to see through is this sister’s scheme. Thus, I try to sound out and ask, “Elder Sister, you will tell me?”

“En, I will naturally let you know, after all……Bo Bo is the person I trust the most.”

I am startled, and I suddenly have a very bad feeling.

But, Bo Qingyou simply pulls me and then waves for the surrounding people to withdraw. Moving closer, she lowers her voice and says, “I know Bo Bo seems heartless but is actually kindhearted. You care for your sister, care for the Bo Family, and would definitely help sister.”

“……S-sis, you first say what’s the matter.”

“Did you not guess it? Yuan-er’s matters. Do not worry. It is not such a big matter. His Majesty knows.” The other releases my hand and returns to her seat. She is still that one dignified and imposing Empress, “Do you know know why the Tiger Seal is so coveted?”

“En, the Tiger Seal can command the Shenjiying,” I reply with a stupefied expression since I still haven’t return to my senses after that “His Majesty knows.” Wait a minute, how could cheap brother-in-law know!? Unless you guys are having a threesome!?

You royals sure know how to play. I don’t understand.

“No, Qingbo, you still do not know anything.” Bo Qingyou starts to smile, “That is the location of the collection of the world’s finest concealed weapons. Even the Tang School would be somewhat afraid of the mysterious organization.”1

She pauses after she finishes talking. Lifting her chin and narrowing her eyes, she shows an overbearing attitude for the first time, “An artifact from the Gods, able to know all secrets. And the Shenjiyin only recognizes the Tiger Seal and not people. The Tiger Seal is naturally important.”

Afterwards, I am really stupefied.

I’ve been here in this world for several months, and I’ve never ever thought that. I thought that that the barracks script and Imperial Harem script haven’t even started yet.

WTF?! The Tang School has even come out! Is this MF actually wuxia themed!?

I really don’t even know anything! I don’t know anything at all about this world’s strength!

I stand and go towards the door.

Bo Qingyou is stunned and calls out, “Bo Bo, where are you going?”

I very calmly reply, “I need to commit suicide, study properly, and start over.”

Then, my forehead gets slapped hard.

“Bo Bo, are you a bit more clear-headed now?” Bo Qingyou says with a worried expression, “If not, how about another one?”

“……I’m about to faint. If you hit again, then I’ll just lie right here.” I suspect that my sister is a martial arts master.

“Bo Bo.”


“Tiange going to battle this time, it is for you.”

“……Ah?” I blankly look at the beaming Sister Empress. For a moment, there’s a chill on my back.

Since I had stepped on two big mines at sister’s place, I go back home all dizzy. Considering that Xiang Tiange has left me her personal soldiers, I am starting to worry about other things.

“If you’re all here, then is there a shortage of people at Tiange’s side?”

“Please rest assured, the General has her own plans. There will definitely be no problem,” Bai Fu solemnly vows. On the contrary, I become nervous.

Saying these words so confidently, usually something would happen!!!!

Under normal circumstances, I will not pay any attention to broken routes because they’re already unable to hit the HE. Later, my ending wouldn’t be good either, and I should change routes.

But……I suddenly feel like any route doesn’t matter now.

If His Highness the Crown Prince really is Xiang Huai’s posthumous child, if that Tiger Seal that sounds like it’s following “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”’s setting2……Then, my sister and the Emperor are playing a very big game of chess. And maybe they’re having a contest.

Even if don’t want to admit it, my predecessor, myself, Xiang Tiange, Qu Xiang, even the Xiang Family and Bo Family are all chess pieces.

I don’t even know whose words to trust.

If I have to guess, my brain even patches in the setting that Brother-in-law Emperor’s true love is Xiang Huai.

However, in these ten years, as the Empress’s maiden family, the Bo Family’s power has fallen, and every one of them have stayed away from the center of politics; The military family, Xiang Family, is also not that much better. Only Xiang Tiange is supporting it, and Xiang Tiange’s identity as a woman prevents her from getting promoted like a normal general. Maybe throwing away her life for the Emperor for a lifetime might not even be rewarded——guessing Xiang Tiange is also clear, but she won’t retreat. Once she does, her whole family is finished. Needless to say, if the Emperor really knows that the Crown Prince is Xiang Huai’s son……not caring if his real love is my sister or Tiange’s brother, the Crown Prince is in danger.

Also, about the Jianghu setting that my sister said……the generic wuxia novels biggest feature is——coup d’etat. The biggest representative is that one appointed fight The Night of the Full Moon, the Top of the Forbidden City.3

Since the Tiger Seal is split into two, and they’re at the Bo and Xiang Families’ hands……then most likely, one of the real half of the Tiger Seal is in the Empress’s hands and the other in Xiang Tiange’s hands.

With my understanding of Xiang Tiange, is it intentional or did someone else’s intention? Is there a back story to Xiang Tiange volunteering to battle? The words that the Empress has told me at the end, what’s the purpose?

I feel like right now, all the others are already above LV50, and I have just left the novice village.

My expression is dark, and I have probably frightened Hong Zhang and Lu Shui.

Lu Shui is all worried, “Young Miss, did you perhaps get pressed by a ghost? I even called you more than ten times!”4

I faintly look over, “No. Actually, I’m a ghost possessing this body.”

Hong Zhang brings me tea, “Young Miss, you must have been frightened by the pressure. Did Bai Fu tell you about the traitor invading the manor?”

Me, “……!!!” So, the assassin has actually already been here before!? I have been so wronged! I clearly don’t even have the Tiger Seal!

If there’s really a Jianghu……I think I’m in a lot of danger! I don’t even know any martial arts at all! If those groups of fools think that the Tiger Seal is with me, wouldn’t my situation be very terrible!?

I finally understand why Xiang Tiange would give her personal soldiers to me.

I am afraid that once I don’t pay attention, I’m gonna krepieren.5

Wait, can it be that my real route is actually not dating but to unify the Jianghu? Gathering Qi’s Tiger Seal can summon Shenlong!?6

I hold my head and sigh. I put away my expression from my mental trip just now and calm my expression down. I say with a heavy tone, “Pack the luggage, to the Northwest.”

Lu Shui and Hong Zhang look at me with shock.

I keep the facial paralysis face on, “I’m going to secretly go and let Bai Fu protect me. During this time, Hong Zhang will take my place, and Lu Shui will go to Jiangnan and create the facade of me going back to Jiangnan.”

Lu Shui nods in confusion, and Hong Zhang wants to say something but is shocked by my eye dagger, “Hong Zhang, you are someone Sister has sent, right? Sister should have told you to listen to me when she hasn’t ordered, right?”

Hong Zhang becomes silent and lowers her head before respectfully answering, “Yes.”

I inwardly feel a fright——I guessed it right! I was just thinking that what if I had guessed wrong, how do I bluff my way out!

But……isn’t it agreed upon that I only need to responsible for being foolish+fair+sweet?7

My heart is so tired. I really want to go on the route of the Great Demon King and destroy the world. Unfortunately, I neither have the IQ nor ambition.

I tell my plan to Bai Fu. No matter how the other tries to block me, it’s useless. Not only because I’m the master, it’s also because I will first cry, then make make a scene, and then hang myself.8

The roads to the Northwest are pretty far. If slow, it’s probably around 10 days. During this period, lots of things have happened, but I don’t want to explain in detail. So, I’m immediately switching to when I first arrive in the Northwest.

In the northwestern region, the winds blowing the sand are strong. The people are relatively more violent. Because it’s the period of war right now, it’s quite chaotic……I have said all this, what I want to say is that because of the chaos, it’s not strange for us to meet with robbers halfway.

Although, they only have robbery as their goal, but it seems like its me.

As a person who is crappy at fighting, the only thing I can do is to protect myself well, but when we are all weak and about to get caught, I can’t help but loudly yell out, “Xiang Tiange——!”

Legends say that as long as the female protagonist calls for the male protagonist, the buff will appear! It definitely has to be successful!!!

Lucky, the method worked.

Right when I finished yelling, a small squadron of troops rushed over headed by a person dressed in military attire with a sword in hand that nimbly attacks and kills three people in one breath.

Under ten minutes, more than thirty bandits surrounding us have all died.

I look at Xiang Tiange who’s walking towards me with a gloomy face and a bit of a dull gaze. My mood suddenly becomes a rollercoaster, making my mind somewhat dizzy and not knowing how to accept this fact.

Xiang Tiange knits her brows. In a rage, she pulls the paralyzed me off the ground and says with a bad tone, “Are you a moron!? Is this kind of place somewhere you can come to!”

I stare at her blankly for a long time. On the contrary, my heart is calm, and I put an uncaring attitude, just falling short of lying down and acting shamelessly, “I came, so what?”

Xiang Tiange’s expression is freezes, and she opens her mouth but doesn’t speak for a long time. She heavily sighs and says with an exhausted tone, “Who made you come here?”

My expression becomes serious, and I subconsciously answer, “It’s fate! The unfair fate made me come!”


“Ah, sorry, I just thought of Thunderstorm……”9 I wipe my face and decide that whatever is okay, “I only want to come ask just what’re you thinking? If you don’t like me, why do all that for me?”

Xiang Tiange slightly knits her brows, “I never said that I don’t like you.”

“……” My heart skips, and I feel like I have discovered something. I inwardly change my position in a twist, I naturally go up and hug her arm and say sincerely, “Since I’m here already, you definitely won’t drive me away.”

“……Qingbo, you still have such self-confidence,” Xiang Tiange says, moved.

I nod, “Yeah, with someone like me, besides spoiling me, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Xiang Tiange is probably stunned by my shamelessness as she uses her ineffable expression to stare at me for quite a while. Finally, her straight face softens and changes in order to smile helplessly, “Forget it, what you have said makes sense.”

Now, it’s my turn to be shocked.

I watch the other person walk up. Her tone is a bit hesitant, and she looks somewhat awkward. There is a faint flush to her face as she tries to hold my hand, “Qingbo, I have no way to marry you.”

Hearing this, I’m a bit angry, and I try to smoothly “I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening” emotionally leave…….Then, I notice my hand is being held, and I can’t leave.

Xiang Tiange doesn’t let me take back my hand and firmly holds it. She continues to say, “These days, I have thought a lot. Her Highness the Empress has also spoke to me before……I have even chased onto the battlefield. If I cannot drive you away……If you are really willing……I will protect you. As soon as this war is won, I will request His Majesty and use my contribution to give you status……”

I look at her in a daze. My tears fall down with a swoosh, and I cover her mouth to give her the hint to stop talking.

In response, Xiang Tiange’s expression relaxes instead. She brings my hand closer and says mockingly, “Are you that moved?”

I repeatedly shake my head and cry even more harshly that I can’t even stop.

Stupid! I’m not crying because of this, ah! I am crying bitterly for that standard FLAG you just set up, ah!

The Author has something to say:
Holy crap, I actually explode (t/n: went over) word count!!!
This week, I gotta do homework! Next week will upload the last chapter!
Originally planned on finishing this short story with three chapters, writing 14 chapters also exceeds the estimate……Before, I said that this is BGM’s prequel (hey), can be considered as a warm-up to the new pit. I forgot to say that the new pit is in a danmei direction. About the BGM’s Second Prince doing stuff in the Jianghu, the story’s file is already opened and can be clicked on to read the special column.
This story is from Qingbo’s POV, so some plots ah, truths ah, won’t be able to unfold. Everyone run all over being carried by Qingbo’s awesome logic, alright. Anyways, she’s a foolish/fair/sweet for a lifetime (X) If you’re interested, you should enter the new pit to uncover the past events, but it’s also not important. (……)

Translator’s Notes: I feel like I’ve lost IQ translating this chapter lol, there’s a ton of typos in the raws…and I hope I’m able to translate the points across. 
1 唐门 Tang School – or Tangmen School, sect run by the Tang clan that focuses on concealed weapons and poisons.
2 倚天剑屠龙刀 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber – Jin Yong novel.
3 月圆之夜,紫禁之巅 Night of the Full Moon, the Top of the Forbidden City – refers to a fight scene in Legends of Lu Xiaofeng 陆小凤传奇 by Gu Long.
4 Here the term refers to sleep paralysis but can mean nightmare. An alternate term for sleep paralysis literally means “ghost/spirit pressing [down on your chest/body].” Which is why MC makes the joke in response.
5 嗝屁 krepieren – term borrowed from the German word that means to die miserably.
6 神龙 Shenlong – lit. Divine dragon….but probably Dragonball’s Shenlong.
7 傻白甜 – three adjectives smushed together, foolish + fair + sweet…There’s a suggested translation, and it’s the “blonde” stereotype.
8 一哭二闹三上吊 first cry, then make a ruckus, and then hang oneself – this phrase can be summed up as making a scene. But since MC had joked about committing suicide and restarting, decided to translate it literally.
9 雷雨 Thunderstorm – I have no clue what MC means here. Term means thunderstorm. It may refer to the play set in the times of Japanese invasion…but I’m confused b/c it’s not ancient or wuxia….Or maybe the movie version that is starring Bruce Lee… *shrugs*

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