【TGM】Chapter 12

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn of Spicy Chicken Translations

Chapter 12   

When I speak those words at first, I have a remarkable conviction.

It’s just that……the other’s face is showing a shocked expression. After being stunned for a moment, her expression becomes apologetic. Her gaze is calm and doesn’t have any disgust or joy. It is insipid like water.

“My apologies.”

My heart slowly sinks.

After a moment, I nod, “It’s okay.”

It’s really okay. Just that, it has made me realize that I got the CP placement wrong from the start. This place is actually an orthodox BG world.

……Even if it’s like this, this one’s heart still hurts a lot ah! Baby got heartbroken! Baby misses dad and mom! Baby wants to go back to Jiangnan and then rely on my ancestors and parents for a lifetime!

Lu Shui even speaks up for me, “It’s all the General’s fault. Young Miss is so cute. She’s the one that doesn’t have eyes.”

“……Let’s not talk about this. No matter how dashing, the General is also a woman. How could she take Young Miss as a wife?” Hong Zhang has an embarrassed expression and seems to be deeply worried, “Although Young Miss didn’t officially wed at that time, the people outside all know that Young Miss had once had an unclear relationship with Sir Qu……With this point, it’s now even harder for Young Miss to marry when it’s already difficult.”

“……Hong Zhang, you have offended your superior. Do you really think that I won’t dare to punish you?”

“I’m earnestly thinking for Young Miss!” Hong Zhang says neither hurried nor slow, “In the first place, it is impossible to marry to a lower class with Young Miss’s identity. Also, rejecting the Su Family’s son that Sir Bo had arranged and then do all those things with Sir Qu……”

“……Can I not marry?” If the later generation is okay, I can adopt and raise a baby, and they’ll provide for cheap mom and dad and I when we’re old. Perhaps, get one from sister……Unfortunately, sister is now the Empress. If I want one, maybe my cheap brother-in-law would kill me.

Speaking of, who is that Su Family’s son?

Xiang Tiange’s silent rejection has seemed to make me wake up all of a sudden. There is no longer any sense in staying in the capital. Right when I got in contact with my parents and prepare to run to Jiangnan to pick up some Qinhuai girls, the Imperial Palace has sent news over, making me unable to walk any further——Her Highness the Empress is pregnant!

This is the Empress’s second child after seven years. The Emperor is extremely happy and immediately permits the her maiden family to enter the palace to chat with the Empress. If it isn’t for the Empress, dad and mom who might’ve just arrived in Jiangnan would have to return all travel-worn.

I go see my sister again. I don’t know if it is because the other is pregnant, but she appears to have a motherly radiance. When she sees me, she seems very happy, but there’s a hint of hard to detect melancholy in her eyes.

Bo Qingyou drags me into a endless talk, basically recalling the interesting stories from childhood. I pay attention and notice that the other has never mentioned the Xiang Family’s eldest brother, Xiang Huai, from start to finish.

Viewing it according to their previous setting of childhood sweethearts……if a woman does not mention a single word about her past love and even avoids the topic, that means she still hasn’t forgotten him.

This is bad, don’t want to know too much. Usually, the more you know, the faster you die ah.

Because I have gone on a mental journey, Sister Empress gives my forehead a flick.1 She slightly frowns and sighs, “Now, Bo Bo is not even willing to listen to her sister talk.”

“I’m listening.” With a worrying expression, I say, “Also……Sis, can’t you not call me like that?” It’s making me think of a character from JOJO……If I do a JOJO pose right now, will I be regarded as crazy?2

“Our family’s Bo Bo has something on her mind.” Sister Empress affectionately reaches out to stroke my head, “Is it because of Little Tian?”

“……Little Tian?”

“En, before Xiang Family’s little sister was born, they thought it would be a boy so they chose Xiang Tian for the name. Later, they found out that it’s a girl and added the character ‘Ge’ at the end.”

There’s even such a story? I’m rather surprised. The words haven’t even passed through my brain and I ask immediately, “I’ve never heard this before……Did Elder Brother Xiang tell Sister?”

As soon as this has been said, Bo Qingyou’s smile stiffens, but only for a moment. The curve of her lips becomes a bit broader as she extends her fingers to the edge of my lips. Her pair of peach blossom eyes are bottomlessly deep, “Qingbo, there are some words that cannot be said indiscriminately.”

My back becomes cold. I instantly get up wanting to retreat, but my hand gets pulled and I’m unable to move. After I return to my senses, I sit slowly sit back down after getting up just half-way.

“Alright, you child, you’re still like before and always saying things thoughtlessly.” Bo Qingyou seems to return to her original appearance and is as doting as before, “Bo Bo, do you like Little Tian?”

This topic has changed too quickly, Sister! I listlessly answer, “But she doesn’t like me.”

Bo Qingyou thinks for a moment and asks again, “Since that is the case……how about you enter the palace?”

“……Ha?” I am shocked from head to toe.

It turns out that the requirement to unlock the Imperial Harem script is after getting the BE of the General’s Route!? What the hell!?

“Bo Bo, you do not know, but my body is not too well. It is actually unsuitable for another pregnancy, otherwise it will be very dangerous…….However, I want to have this child.” Bo Qingyou places her hand on her stomach. The smile on her face is very gentle. Her voice is also a bit quieter as if she is afraid of scaring the child in her belly, “Therefore……after the child is born, I reckon I would have passed away. If you can help me look after my two children, then I would be at ease. And after I am gone, I am unable to take care of you, father, and mother. Entering the palace would be safer……Oh right, how about you give a name for this child?”

I am dumbfounded.

According to Imperial Harem script sequences, I should probably become an Imperial Consort rank. Then, I must set up as a female supporting character. Maybe Sister Empress might even tell my cheap brother-in-law, “Aiya, my younger sister is a lesbian.” And then, as long as the other person doesn’t yuri-con me, I would be very safe.3 The Emperor will take care of me for the sake of his true love. Except he will occasionally suspect that I’m giving him a green hat to wear. However, after the female lead appears, it will all be different! According to the patterns, after the female lead enters the palace, the Emperor would slowly fall in love with her. And then, he would realize that his former true love, who is my Sister Empress, is actually a poisonous lotus flower. She would become angry and change from a “fan to an anti-fan.” After that, the female lead and her son would take the top seat, and become the Emperor’s only true love in his heart.

During this period of time, I must follow the hate in my heart and make the female protagonist fall, causing harm and miscarriage, but she must save her unborn child and so on kind of small plot……

Thus, since I have been struck by lightning in my head by the suggestion, I can’t help but utter a syllable, “……Yi.”

“Yi?”4 Sister Empress knits her brows before smoothing them out. She seems rather pleased, “Extraordinary and refined, and rise above the crowd……It also has the meaning of peace and happiness. No matter what this child wants, being comfortable or free are both alright. A good name.”

Me, “……” If I utter “È,” don’t tell me you’ll name him “Goose”!?5

“Then the name will be Yi, Ye Mingyi.” Sister Empress begins to smile, gaze warm.

I also look at her stomach with a sympathetic gaze——Sorry, nephew! The name that Aunt has given you is a bit random! But, this is your mother’s fault, ah!

Seeing that Bo Qingyou seems to have silently approved that I have agreed, I rush to clarify my true feelings, “Sis! I absolutely won’t enter the palace! You really want me to enter the palace in order to think of way to commit regicide and push big nephew onto the seat!?”

“……” Bo Qingyou’s expression greatly changes, and she slaps my forehead, “What nonsense are you saying!?”

“Sorry, Sis, I……”

“Yuan-er cannot ascend to the throne,” Bo Qingyou suddenly says, her expression calm, “Is this your idea or father’s idea?”

I freeze and quickly wash clean the blame that the old man is carrying, “I’m the one talking nonsense!”

The Empress merely smiles and looks down, “Qingbo, if there really is……such a day, you all are not allowed to push Yuan-er into that seat.”

“Bo Family, Xiang Family, they all cannot.”

The conversation this time concludes on bad terms. Sister Empress’s complexion is still very bad before leaving, causing my brother-in-law, the Emperor, who has come later, to look at me with a very unfriendly gaze. If it isn’t for Sister Empress blocking him, he would probably want to punish me.

I wipe the sweat on my forehead and feel that if he knows about what I had said, it probably won’t just be as simple as a punishment.

Later, I’m still getting summoned to the palace every few days. However afterwards, I don’t dare say anything irresponsibly. I only listen to sister groundlessly chat. She even brings up an incident of her hugging the not even three-year-old me when she had broken a vase and feared being scolded. She had thrown me into the crime scene and pushed the blame onto me. As I resisted, the other had used a hand to press me down.

Naturally, during this period, I never see Xiang Tiange again.

A month later, just as I’m teaching my big nephew how to climb a tree both quickly and steadily, resulting in the Empress capturing us both and scolding us for a time, a subordinate comes to pass on a message——A different tribe have invaded Northwest border, and Xiang Tiange has volunteered to fight.

The Author has something to say:
En, probably still has 3-4 chapters until the end!

T/N: only two chapters left, but next chapter is twice as long than all of the other chapters…so around “3” chapters.

Translator’s Notes
1 钢镚 coin – the term used here means small coin, but I’m not sure if this is slang for something…so based on context, I surmise that it’s a forehead flick.
2 JOJO pose as in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.
3 百合控 Yuri-con – the con as in siscon and brocon, etc.
4 What the MC utters is 噫 yī, which is basically just an interjection like yeah. Empress says 逸 yì.
5 呃 è which is another interjection like a hiccup or uh. Goose also sounds similar, 鹅 é.

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