【TGM】Chapter 14 (End)

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn of Spicy Chicken Translations

Chapter 14 (END)

This is a very big flag.

Xiang Tiange completely doesn’t understand why I’m like facing a big enemy, but probably because I’m usually like this, she doesn’t take it seriously and goes along with me.

“Don’t be so flustered. The turmoil this time is really nothing compared to before. His Majesty has agreed to let me send troops is only because he couldn’t find someone trustworthy who could replace me in the army in a short amount of time. Also……he knows that after I go back this time, I would voluntarily leave the imperial court.” Xiang Tiange strokes my head, and the corners of her lips hook up into a smile, “Let’s go.”

I follow after in a daze.

Xiang Tiange is right. Although reporting to military situation to the higher ups seems very urgent, the situation here is totally controllable. However, once I come over……I am also not idle just like that.

Xiang Tiange has handed over everything document related for me to handle. Relying on this, I have also snuck into the barracks.

Naturally, each time someone is friendly towards me, I firmly express my position. In the end, Xiang Tiange comes out directly and says to the people who want to gossip with me to first be able to beat her.

The war only lasts a winter. Very quickly, the border area returns to its calmness. Xiang Tiange also returns for debriefing. I rarely act high-profile……and enter the city on the same horse as her.

Watching the cheering common people and whispering crowd, I covertly whisper into Xiang Tiange’s ear, who is sitting behind me, “I think the news of you, a man dressing like a woman, will be spread throughout the capital in a few days.”

Xiang Tiange, “……What are you thinking?”

“Of you,” I continue to lean against her body and talk.

Xiang Tiange shows a constant, helpless smile. She adjusts her posture and let the horse advance faster.

Actually, I shouldn’t be that high-profile originally……but, the plan that we have discussed before, the people’s public opinion is also a very important aspect.

Upon returning to the capital for debriefing, Xiang Tiange and I kneel down very respectfully before the Emperor and Empress sitting high in the palace hall.

Their expressions aren’t that good.

The first to talk is my Sister Empress, “Qingbo, you have grown up.”

These are words with criticism. I quite shamelessly respond, “Yes, Your Highness, you do not need to worry about me.”

The Empress is holding her big belly and forehead while looking at the Emperor as if she doesn’t want to pay attention to me.

The Emperor at first seems to be enjoying the scene. After taking note of the Empress’s line of sight, his expression becomes solemn at once and lightly coughs, “That……Beloved Subject Xiang, you have returned victorious, there ought to be a reward……”

“This subject is guilty of crime and does not dare ask for it.” Xiang Tiange respectfully and carefully answers. Unlike me who’s randomly looking around when there’s nothing, she docilely maintains her initial posture.

The corners of the Emperor’s lips quirked for a moment. From the looks it, there seems to be some contemplation. His expression shows some displeasure, “Is Beloved Subject Xiang blaming Us?”

“Your Majesty is jesting,” Xiang Tiange says steadily, “If Your Majesty insists on a bestowment, this subject will be so bold as to request Your Majesty……to confer the Second Young Miss of the Bo Family a position of county princess.”

“……Eh?” The me who is still there acting stupid and paddling the water is dumbfounded for real.

The Emperor shoots a glance at me and mutters to himself for a moment. By the time my back is about to sweat, he slowly says, “It is not impossible, but can Beloved Subject give me a reason?”1

Xiang Tiange lowers her hands only now. She looks at me with a trace of a smile, “Qingbo and I have mutual affections. Since I am unable to give ten miles of a procession in red clothes for her, I should at least earn a phoenix crown and official robes.”2

In an instant, my nose becomes sour, and I am gleaming with tears, “Tiange……”

Xiang Tiange is startled and quickly gives me a meaningful look, saying in a low voice, “Hold it back! You’re forbidden to cry! Don’t be discourteous in the palace hall!”

I sniffled before returning to my formal appearance.

A trace of shock flashes across the Emperor’s eyes, and his expression reveals surprise. He is silent for a long time……and looked at the Empress with a gaze asking for help.

Bo Qingyou is stupefied. She rubs her belly and looks at me, “Qingbo, what are you thinking?”

The Emperor seems to have only reacted just now and hurriedly coughs while looking at me. He says somewhat unstably, “Yes, Little Bo, what are you thinking?”

Call who Little Bo? We’re not that close, alright? Unless you guys are all familiar from the start?

I silently curse while I look at Xiang Tiange in confusion. Then, I look up at the dumbfounded Emperor and Empress and mumble, “County Princess’s status sounds a bit low, how about Imperial Daughter?3 For the sake that I’m Her Highness’s only little sister, and Tiange going to battle wasn’t easy.”

Xiang Tiange & Bo Qingyou, “……” You really know how to talk ah.

The Emperor is stunned before instantly bursting into laughter, “Great! Then, you will have a position of Imperial Daughter! How about Imperial Daughter Qingyuan?”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” I quickly follow up and thank the Emperor for the grace.

“Your Majesty!” Bo Qingyou frowns, “You are too careless! This little idiot simply does not understand the importance of it! The position of Imperial Daughter is too high for her, what would the other Imperial Daughters think?”

Me, “……” You’re really my sister.

“Qingyou, do not worry. We only ask for a peace of mind and hope you can be at ease,” The Emperor says with a double meaning. I don’t feel as nervous as before, but I’m scared stiff by these ordinary words, and I lower my head nervously.

Bo Qingyou’s expression is complex. She looks down and changes to a soft smile, “Since that is so, this consort thanks Your Majesty on behalf of Qingbo.”

Xiang Tiange secretly tugs at my sleeve. I return to my senses and immediately follows after with a complete formality of thanking His Majesty for the grace.

By the time I leave the imperial palace, it still doesn’t feel real, and I look at her with a dumbfounded expression, “Wait a minute? It’s going to settle just like this?”

This Emperor is easier to talk to than what I had imagined by 100 times!

“Seems like Her Highness’s place in His Majesty’s heart is higher than I thought……” Xiang Tiange also exhales a breath. Her gaze looking at me is somewhat complicated, “It’s just that……Qingbo, like this, you won’t be able to marry someone.”

I blank out for a moment and look at her in disbelief, “What?! You actually want me to marry someone else?! You slag woman! You said you’ll love me for a lifetime!”

“……I didn’t say it like that.”

“What? You don’t plan on loving me for a lifetime!?”

“……Not that.” Xiang Tiange helplessly raises both hands, “Okay, I surrender, alright?”

“This is more like it, muah muah.” I move closer to kiss the other’s cheek.

Xiang Tiange is stunned, and her ears become all red. She pushes me a bit in false bravado, “Don’t mess around, let’s go back to the General’s Manor first.”

“Go back to the General’s Manor and continue?”

“……If that’s what you want.”

“……Eh eh eh?”

In the end, I have found my lifelong meal ticket. The other is rich, powerful, and caring. I think it is very nice like this.

Although later, I nearly got my legs broken by my cheap dad, but fortunately, he can’t beat my family’s general.

Just that, there’s still one mystery that I don’t understand all along.

One evening, Xiang Tiange is sitting at the head of the bed and reading. I move closer and ask in doubt, “So……just where is that Tiger Seal at?”

“Still thinking about that? The Xiang Family’s half went missing when my elder brother had an accident. The Bo Family’s……you probably need to ask your father.” Xiang Tiange stares at the military book in her hands, her gaze doesn’t move.

I’m somewhat unsatisfied and decide to drop a big bomb, “Then, do you know that the Crown Prince is your blood-related nephew?”

“En, yes yes……” Xiang Tiange half-heartedly answers twice. After a few seconds, she suddenly comes to realization and throws the book, “What!?”

I blink at her, “I thought you knew already.”

“No……how could I know something like this!?” Xiang Tiange rarely has a dumbfounded expression on, “What to do? Like this, isn’t the Crown Prince in a lot of danger?!”

“Don’t worry about too much. It’s okay if we don’t change to cope with the changes. The Crown Prince and my sister are very smart.” I yawn. Wrapping myself in the covers, I mumble, “I guess that the Tiger Seal that the Xiang Family has lost is in my sister’s hands. There’s no need to mention the Bo Family’s, it’s definitely in her hands……In the end, she will probably pass it over to Nephew Crown Prince. Anyways, it’s all in our own people’s hands. You don’t need to worry about anything. Let’s sleep. Tomorrow, I need to go see the Second Prince who can turn his body over now.”

The Second Prince is truly the Emperor’s child and should be the one most doted on. But after the Empress gave birth to him, her body has been unwell……it is somewhat worrisome.

Xiang Tiange is silent for a long time before suddenly reaching out and stroking my head. She sighs, “Qingbo, sometimes I really don’t know if you’re highly intelligent acting like you’re an idiot or you’re an idiot acting like you’re intelligent.”

“……no matter which, I would feel like you’re scolding me. = =”

Xiang Tiange smiles, “No matter which, I’ll always accompany you.”

One hour later————

“Qingbo, are you asleep?”


“I’m resigning from my post tomorrow. Let’s go to Jiangnan.”

“……What’s the matter?”

“I know that you don’t like the capital. Originally, I am only here for the sake of my brother’s matters. Since His Highness the Crown Prince……then my mission is already complete. My focus should be placed on you. You have already sacrificed a lot for me, it should be my turn……Wait, Qingbo, are you crying?”


“……It doesn’t sound like you’re moved.”

“I’m crying, why am I so stupid, why didn’t you say so earlier, then you could’ve gone out and play with me earlier ah, yingyingying……”

“……As long as you’re happy.”



Several years later, by the time His Highness the Crown Prince, Ye Mingyuan, has grown up and arrives at the Shenjiying, he is stunned for a while.

“……What word is inscribed on the plaque?”

“Your Highness, it seems like……Goose Goose Goose?”4

“……Although it is an unreasonable conjecture, I think my aunts know something…….”

The Author has something to say:
I won’t play tricks on the last words la~! Thank you everyone who has read up to here! Thank you followers for always leaving a comment, supporting, and sending mines! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~
A short story that was originally intended to end 10,000 words has become more than 30,000 words. Also, thanks to everyone’s love……I hurried to finish it before the love disappears. It’s also my first proper GL work, and I’m really happy to be able to receive this many people’s likes.
The next pit might be a doujin or maybe an original BL. The BL is Second Prince’s tavern and loving story. When the time comes, Bo Bo and Tiange will appear. =v=

Translator’s Notes
1 The Emperor uses the informal I/me here, which I’m assuming should be a typo since the Emperor should be using the Royal We/Us.
2 十里红妆 Ten miles of wedding procession – can be translated as a “grand wedding.” The wedding procession is like a parade taking the bride to her new home (the groom’s). 凤冠霞帔 Phoenix crown and official robes – wedding garments that are bestowed by the Emperor; nowadays it’s used to describe the headgear and clothes for an ancient-style wedding.
3 郡主 Imperial Daughter – Doesn’t necessarily mean Princess as in the Emperor’s daughter. It’s a title given by the Emperor, usually to the Emperor’s female relatives. Same with County Princess 县主, but county princess is of lower status. 
4 Goose Goose Goose – the alternate title of this short story, also the first line of the Tang Poem (Song for the Goose) that the character names are based off of.

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  1. One of the reasons I don’t like girls novels is the fact that they usually go too overboard with the “it’s fine to like girls.” Instead of an actual story. In this one, I can feel how she slowly comes to love the general and the general loves her back. It’s very adorable, though I will say the politics take a back seat but it does have a heartwarming and romantic tale which is why I like it.

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  2. Uwaaa I really love this story, It’s the very first gl novel that I finished because the other ones are either hiatus, discontinued or thanks years for a single chapter, This one I loved it to bits. The general’s personality is a bit similar tp my crush , that’s why everytime a romantic event happens , It reminds me of her. I was just a little disappointed ’cause there’s no kiss or “ya know” ,sure there’s a cheek kiss at the last part but still😫. Anyways Thank you so much for translating , I will cherish and remember this novel for my whole life as the first gl novel that I’ve ever loved and finished.

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