【TGM】Chapter 9

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn

Chapter 9 

Before entering, I have thought about how to apologize to get a good impression. I have even prepared to bear a bramble to offer a humble apology.1 I let Lu Shui bring twigs. If it really doesn’t work, then I’ll fake an injury.

It’s just that……I see a small room comparable to a youth hostel when I go in. There’s a bed, a table, and a bookcase. There are brushes, paper, ink-stone, and the whole gamut.

If it isn’t for the fence posts surrounding me, I would’ve thought that I’m here for vacation.

……Tch, the set plan is all ruined. I even try to materially embody my own aspect of a “kind-hearted, generous, pure heart”!2

Probably my expression of regret is showing too much, Qu Xiang scoffs very clearly in a mocking tone. When I look over, he has already walked to the front of the cell, “Xiang Tiange, you seem to be getting by pretty well.”

Xiang Tiange is sitting on the bed in a state of rest with her eyes closed, wearing solid black clothes with no pattern. She slowly opens her eyes, “Qu Xiang, you should have already received the divorce papers.”

“En, for the sake of our familiarly, I will help you break away from your predicament.” Qu Xiang crosses his arms with a languid attitude and an standoffish look.

Xiang Tiange doesn’t stab back. Instead, she calmly expresses her thanks, “En, I will need to thank you for your help this time.”

Qu Xiang freezes, unable to speak.

Once I look, things are somewhat not too good.

According to past patterns, this is the turning point of two people’s hearts and will eventually go to the intersection of reconciliation. If I’m a standard female supporting role, this should be the time to brush up my sense of being and become an alchemist’s stone for their relationship……But, I already know the true colors of this story, and I will never follow the script! Besides, I am also not a person who will stick to the script!

I shoot a glance at Qu Xiang. Rushing forward, I seamlessly push him to the side and cling to the posts, loudly calling, “Tiange——!”

Xiang Tiange stands up and walks over with an expression of helplessness, “How come you’re also here?”

“I’m here to see you……” I secretly pinch my leg, and the rims of my eyes are instantly brimming of tears, “Yingyingying3, I’m sorry……It’s all my fault……”

“Indeed, the majority is all your fault,” Qu Xiang says with peculiar sarcasm at the side.

I inwardly shoot him an eye dagger. Do you even have the ability, cannon fodder!

A big part of the matter this time is because of the traitor from Qu Xiang’s side, chikushou!4 This b*tch actually dares to throw the blame to me……

If Xiang Tiange’s IQ isn’t enough, I should present the facts and reason things out at this time. But, Xiang Tiange is clearly a person who has already seen through everything. So, I think for a bit before deciding to show weakness. Feeling around my cuffs, I realize that I didn’t bring a handkerchief. I have no better option so I use my hand to wipe my eyes and said, lamenting, “Tiange……”

As a little white flower, I only need to cry when feeling wronged.

Xiang Tiange glances at Qu Xiang, “Don’t talk about her anymore.”

I secretly give Qu Xiang a sinister smile——damn handsome man, you think you can take the top seat? Let me tell you, I am different from your type of pretty and coquettish b*tch, keke.5

The other is extremely angry, “This woman did it on purpose……”

Xiang Tiange indifferent says, “In any case, Qingbo nearly had become your woman. Is it appropriate for you to push all the wrongs onto her like this?”

As soon as it’s said, Qu Xiang and I both freeze and secretly exchange a disgusted look.

Qu Xiang’s expression calms down, “This sort of naivety, recklessness, and even thinks she’s all high and mighty, I cannot bear! If she didn’t make trouble and really brought the Tiger Seal to your manor……”

Speaking to here, I’m a bit apologetic about some of my previous pretenses. Looking at Xiang Tiange, I decide to take a look at the other’s expression to see if the twigs need to be taken out.

And with a flat attitude, Xiang Tiange merely sighs, “Isn’t it very good?”

Qu Xiang, “……?”

Me, “……Quack?”

“Qingbo’s appearance like this proves that she has grown up in a peaceful and tolerant environment. She is doted on by her elders and doesn’t need to fight and scheme against each other. As her friend, I should naturally be happy. How can I blame her because of this?” Xiang Tiange gives me a smile and says with a pacifying tone, “Don’t worry, I don’t blame you.”

I freeze in that place. Instantly, I really want to cry, “You teasing me and not taking me as your wife is breaking the law, okay?!” Even if it really does make me feel like I’m being doted on!

A trace of helplessness. is added to Xiang Tiange’s smile, “You’re starting to talk nonsense that I don’t understand again……Alright, this place is the prison after all. It’s not suitable for a girl like you, hurry and go.”

I grab her hand through the gaps in the fence posts, “No, this one wants to be with you……”

“And stay in prison together?” Xiang Tiange says mockingly and rubs her temples due to a slight headache, “Don’t mess around, Qingbo.”

“I’m not messing around. I give my heart to the moon! You’re not allowed to shine at the ditch!”6

“……Who is the ditch?”

I point towards Qu Xiang who’s watching from the sidelines, “The one over there!”


Qu Xiang’s face becomes dark. He immediately flicks his sleeve and leaves.

Xiang Tiange reaches out her hand to stroke my head and persuades me with kind words, “Alright, don’t bully Qu Xiang too much. He has helped me a lot this time……”

“I can also help you!” I try hard to widen my eyes and show a stubborn expression that makes someone’s heart ache.

Xiang Tiange and I look at each other for a long time, and she suddenly laughs.

“……Tiange, let me tell you that it’s very easy to lose me with you like this.”

Xiang Tiange lightly coughs a couple times, “Sorry, sorry. It’s because your face rubbed against something dirty a moment ago……do you have a handkerchief?”

“Forgot to bring it.” I stretch my hand to grope my face, “Where?” It must have been when I stuck my face on the posts just now.

“Don’t move.” Xiang Tiange lifts her hand and uses her thumb to gently remove the dirt on my face with a concentrated gaze. My pulse somewhat accelerates suddenly.

“Alright.” Xiang Tiange withdraws her hand, slightly smiling.

I grab her sleeve and look at her eagerly, “Tiange, can you take me as your wife?”

“……huh?” Xiang Tiange is dumbfounded. Then, she bursts into loud laughter. After she has laughed enough, she looks at me who has a dejected expession, “If I’m a man, as long as you are willing, I will be sure to take you as my wife.”

The Author has something to say:
520’s dog food is here!!!

T/N: 520 – Chinese numerial chat/online talk code that sounds similar “I love you.” Also, author uploaded this chapter on 5/20.
Dog food – Someone who’s single is called a “single dog.” When couples show off their love and a “single dog” witnesses it, it’s being fed “dog food.”

Translator’s Notes:
1 负荆请罪 to bear a bramble/birch to offer an apology – An idiom with a story behind it. That’s why she brought the tools of punishment (the twigs/bramble) with her.
2 Author wrote it as 蕙兰质心, should be 蕙质兰心… an idiomatic phrase that describes a woman’s pure, generous, benevolant heart, etc.
3 Yingyingying – cute way of crying.
4 岂可修 Qi ke xiu – Yes, it’s Japanese. The term is using “misheard” words in Chinese to write a Japanese term. Chikushou (shit/damn it) becomes Qi ke xiu.
5 Keke – laughing
6 The last two sentences is based off of a poem by Gao Ming. The original is something like 我本将心向明月,奈何明月照沟渠 I give my heart to the moon, yet the moon shines onto the ditch. Can be taken as…I like you, but you like someone else.

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