【TGM】Chapter 10

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Author: Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn of Spicy Chicken Translations

Chapter 10

—— 【 If I’m a man, as long as you are willing, I will be sure to take you as my wife. 】

Xiang Tiange said it like that!!! She doesn’t know! That this is the standard position of setting up a flag! I feel like I’m another step further away from a HE!

Therefore, steeling my face, I continue to ask, “You’re a woman, but you can also take me as a wife!”

Xiang Tiange laughs another pfft and flicks my forehead, “Nonsense”

Not letting it off easily, I continue to ask closely, “Why not? If I obey my parents orders and follow the advice of matchmakers,1 will you take me as your wife if I’ve done it all?”

Xiang Tiange’s smile on her face vanishes. She fixes her eyes on me for a moment before suddenly smiling, “Alright.”

I have come here aggressively like so and return dizzy.

Xiang Tiange seems to have a card up her sleeve. Qu Xiang also seems to have a dirty trick. I think for a bit and discuss with my cheap parents. With mom’s help, I enter to Palace to see the Empress——who’s also my cheap daughter-of-the-first-wife elder sister.

……It’s just that I haven’t thought that my cheap sister of the first wife……seems to pamper me even more than my parents. _(:з)∠)_

“Bo Bo! You are finally willing to come see your elder sister!” The Empress rushes over while disregarding etiquette, pulls me by the hand, and smooshes me against her bosom. She even pats my back as if coaxing a child. I look up and can only see the dazzling phoenix hair pin on the other’s head, nearly blinding my eyes.

Sure enough, Tiange is right……I’m really a child who’s quite doted on……Under these circumstances, me not growing up to be a major mischievous brat is really because of my wisdom and resolution.

“Y-your Highness……Please let go of me first.” Your chest is about to suffocate me.

Bo Qingyou only lost self-control that one time at the beginning. Afterwards, she immediately put on the airs that an Empress should have. I also take the opportunity while my cheap mom is talking to her to size her up.

She has a dignified and virtuous look, and a pair of peach blossom eyes full of smiles increases some charm. If scoring out of 10, I’ll give 9.5 points! I’ve heard that this big sister is even a greatly talented woman! She has talent, good looks, good temperament, and is even childhood sweethearts with the Emperor. Through trials and tribulations, he married her. No wonder the Empress is the only one being favored! Even though she had been engaged with the young master of the Xiang Family, it didn’t hinder the Emperor’s love for her! There are currently two children in the palace. One is the eldest son of the first wife, Ye Mingyuan, who is also the crown prince. The other is the eldest daughter of an imperial concubine who is also being raised under the Empress.

“Your Highness seems to have loss weight……You need to eat properly,” cheap mom looks at the Empress with a gaze full of affection.

“Mother has also,” Bo Qingyou faintly smiles. She picks up her tea cup from the table and lifts open the lid, blowing a bit before taking a sip, “Today, Mother and Bo Bo has come, is it for Xiang Family’s little sister?”

Xiang Family’s little sister? Ah, right……Xiang Tiange is younger than the Empress by 7 years. Calling her with this appellation seems to be reasonable……

“About the Tiger Seal, you don’t have to worry. First, let’s not mention that the Tiger Seal is only one half……” The movements of Bo Qingyou’s hands stop. She puts her cup down and beckons me.

That posture looks a bit like teasing a puppy. I feel a bit unhappy, but I still go up to listen carefully. Only to hear Bo Qingyou quietly say as she leans close to my ear, “The Tiger Seal that you have is fake.”

My entire person is stunned in place. I suddenly raise my head to look over. Bo Qingyou has already sat upright and is as graceful and resplendent as before. But, the smile in her eyes is honest, “Bo Bo, you need not worry. So long as I am here, the Xiang Family and the Bo Family will all be alright.”

It is as if I get reacquainted with this elder sister, and I foolishly look at her.

My cheap mom sitting next to me seems to have received some important promise and sighs in relief, “Your Highness, it is great that you have plans. The Bo Family is unable to give you much assistance……”

“Mother.” There’s an additional trace of helplessness on Bo Qingyou’s face, “This is precisely the best assistance.”

It seems like the one with the lowest political sensitivity in the family is the cheap mother……I sneak a glance at her and then look up at Bo Qingyou. The other winks at me, and I immediately lower my head.

After obtaining important information, I never let out a sigh of relief. Instead, my heart hasn’t relaxed. While leaving the Empress’s sleeping quarters, we see His Highness the Crown Prince coming to pay respects after class.

Cheap mom tugs at my sleeve first before taking the initiative to salute, “Your Highness the Crown Prince!”

I immediately react and copy the salute.

“Maternal Grandmother and Aunt does not need to be overly polite.” Although Ye Mingyuan is only 10 years old, his face is small, round, and still has some baby fat left. But, with delicate and pretty facial features plus a pair of peach blossom eyes just like the Empress, he is sure to become a young handsome man in the future.

“Are you here to see Mother Empress?”

“Yes, Elder Sister’s complexion seems pretty good.” I continue the conversation, “Your Highness the Crown Prince can come to the Bo Family to play when you have time.”

Probably because he didn’t expect that I would say that, Ye Mingyuan is stunned at first. Then, he nods earnestly, “Alright. Someday when there is time, I will go to Bo Manor and pay a visit to Maternal Grandfather!”

I restrain the urge to pinch his little cheeks in order to not offend my superiors and obediently follow my cheap mom after she secretly pinches me.2

Once home, I immediately report the information from the Empress to my old man.

After Bo Xiuyuan has finished listening, his face fluctuates between red and white. It’s a sight to behold. To the side, I happily enjoy for a long time. When the other finally calms down, he stares at me for ages, making the fine hairs on my back stand. He lightly sighs, “Qingbo, what do you think about the Crown Prince?”

I think for a bit and seriously answer, “He will definitely be a good Crown Prince!”

“Then……what about His Majesty towards the Crown Prince?”

“Eh……should be very good?” The Empress’s status is steady like so……Furthermore, just looking at the name, Ye Mingyuan, and I’d know that it’s “the hidden dragon in the abyss,” he won’t be able to run away!3 Dad, you don’t know that the temperament and ending of some fictional characters are reflected in the name! Look, Qu Xiang is a tsundere, Xiang Tiange is hard to please, and I’m really “Bo Qingbo” who’s always paddling on the water!4

“Then……Qingbo, do you know where the real Tiger Seal is?”

“Ah……isn’t it with elder sister?” Since the Empress has dared to say it like that, then it proves that she definitely knows where the real Tiger Seal is.

Bo Xiuyuan is startled. Then, he reveals a gratified expression, “My Bo Family still has someone to continue on.”

Me, “……???” What did I do!?

The words left by the old man are unclear, causing me to also have some panic. However, seeing that he and elder sister both look calm and confident, I feel that I should trust them as a family so I didn’t ask.

After three days, all the things have settled.

Bo Xiuyuan is not as strong as he wishes with his age, yet he has returned to his hometown in Jiangnan. I didn’t follow him since I had stubbornly made a scene to stay in the capital under Bo Qingyou’s request and cheap mom’s obstruction. The old man put away the rattan in his hand and reluctantly agreed.

Qu Xiang voluntarily asks to surrender his nobility, and Da Qi’s only Prince Yixing has also disappeared. Since it has been verified that the Tiger Seal is fake, Xiang Tiange has been framed and found not guilty, and she can be released within three days. However, her title of General has been revoked, and it has landed on Qu Xiang’s head.

I sit on top of a horse, waiting anxiously in front of the imperial prison. Lu Shui is holding the reins, and Hong Zhang hands me water. One of Xiang Tiange’s personal soldiers, Bai Fu, shoots a meaningful glance at me, “The General has no position now. Second Young Miss Bo doesn’t need to be like this.”

I faintly look at her, “I fancy her person not her status.” Besides, a capable person can be successful anywhere. Just watch, my family’s Tiange will definitely make a comeback to face slap! Moreover, the General’s Manor is sealed up. This happens to be my chance! I can invite her to my house to live and then feelings will develop over time!

Bai Fu doesn’t know what my brain has conjured up. Her face reveals a deeply moved expression, and she seriously says, “Don’t let the General down.”

I honestly reply, “I won’t!” Yes! A little brother, get!5 This person will definitely become my support!

I haven’t waited for long when Qu Xiang rides his horse over.

After we see each other, we both wrinkle our brows at the same time.

This is probably rivals in love meeting and becoming exceptionally infuriated!

Qu Xiang comes over. It still seems awkward, and his tone is somewhat unnatural, “You’re waiting for Xiang Tiange?”

I stare at him for a moment before turning around and ignoring him.

Qu Xiang is very angry but doesn’t lash out. He leads his horse to another side and also enters into waiting mode.

I suddenly feel that my situation right now is a bit like a parent waiting to meet their child who’s taking the Gaokao.6

When Xiang Tiange comes out, she is quite obviously stunned. She takes a look at me and then Qu Xiang before directly walking over to me.

I feel like I have won, and I lightly sneak a glance at Qu Xiang. Then, I look at Xiang Tiange with a look of anticipation.

She looks up and meets my gaze for a moment. Suddenly, she shows an expression of realization, “Can’t come down?”

I nod with a forlorn face. This is my first time riding a horse! QAQ

Xiang Tiange smiles and grabs a hold of the reins. She mounts the horse with me sitting in the back. Leaning to my ear to whisper, her warm breath sprays on my neck. It’s somewhat tickles and feels hot.

“Thanks, Qingbo.”


“Thank you for helping me, and……express my thanks to Her Highness the Empress.”

The Author has something to say:
Made you wait long!!! I feel that the next chapter can set the relationship!
The protagonist in the other BGM draft is the Empress’s second son!
Many thanks for the “hegemon tickets”————————

Translator’s Notes
1 父母之命媒妁之言 obey parents’ orders and follow the matchmaker’s advice – to have an old-fashioned (arranged) marriage.
2 She got pinched…most likely because she casually invited the Crown Prince to their house.
3 潜龙在渊 Hidden dragon in the abyss – a line in the Book of Changes. It’s refers to one’s destiny of being able to preserve their life without acting blindly, always being fully prepared for ups and downs in one’s life. The word abyss is the same “Yuan” in the Crown Prince’s name, Ye Mingyuan.
4 Here’s the meanings of names~
Qu Xiang 曲项: Qu 曲 means tune/song. Xiang 项 which can be a surname, but in the poem it refers to how the goose’s neck would curve as it sings towards the sky.
Xiang Tiange 项天歌: In the poem, 向天歌 means “singing towards the sky.”
Bo Qingbo 博清波: In the poem, it’s 拨清波 which means “stir crystal waves.”
5 A little brother as in followers.
6 高考 Gaokao- National College Entrance Exam.

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