【TGM】Chapter 1

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Author: Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)
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Translator: Aeryn
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Chapter 1

The sound of crying arouses me awake.

When I wake up, I see two girls dressed up like servants crying at the bedside. And when the two of them see and pounce on me crying, “Young Miss has awakened,” I think I have transmigrated.

Like this, I just lie on the bed, looking at the silk bordering the bed and wondering what texture it was. I let the servant girls go call a doctor as they wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

Even though my butt hurts a bit, but looking at my treatment, I know that the offense that I have committed should’ve been pardoned.

I know that in this kind of situation, the calmer I act, the more favorable it will be for me.

According to experience, as long as I can squeeze out some information from the female servant that stayed behind to take care of me next, then according to circumstances, I can pretend to lose memory and pretend nothing’s wrong, these two plans. Based on how the other party just called me “Young Miss” and the gorgeous decorations all around, I shouldn’t be married yet and should still be the young miss of this family. So my next route should be to slowly reveal that I’m different. Then, several people will notice how I’ll stand out from the masses, and feel that I’m very special. Aiya, they’ll really like me and simply must not not marry me, and swear to only want just me alone. Then, we’ll go through a tribulation, and afterwards, the two of us will finally make clear of our true feelings and sweep away all difficulties. After that, we’ll get married and have children.

After figuring it out, I satisfactorily let the female servant in green support myself up. Then, pretending to be weak, I ask, “Where is this? Who am I? Who are you anyway?”

The servant girl’s tears pour down in a gush, “Young Miss, what happened, Young Miss! I am Lu Shui! It’s all the general’s fault, he, he’s a bit too heartless……”

Oh! General! My eyes flash. It seems like you can also start a transcript of a battlefield! The difficulty this time is a bit high, ah!

I lightly cough and cover my head, feigning a dejected appearance, “My head hurts a little……there’s some things I can’t remember, was I injured? How did I get hurt? Is it related to the general?”

Speaking of this, there’s some guilty conscience in Lu Shui’s eyes, “This……Young Miss……We mustn’t provoke the general in the future, alright?”

Seems like the general should be my elder! The kind that is in charge of me! I nod my head, “Alright, I won’t provoke him.”

At this time, I think it’s the red clothed servant girl who went to call a doctor that has entered. There’s a somewhat unsatisfied expression on her face, but it’s hidden the moment she set foot over the doorway. Showing some concern, she glances at Lu Shui in passing, “Concubine has already married! She’s no longer the young miss of the Prime Minister’s Manor! Do you still want to cause Concubine to get hit? The General’s side already knows that Concubine is awake, and wants Concubine to go over!”

……Concubine?! This term of address is blowing up inside my head. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of sorrow.

Your mom! I have been reduced so many levels all of a sudden! Surprisingly, I’m a f*cking concubine! Furthermore, I’m even the Young Concubine of the General’s Manor! Apparently, it looks like I’m not too favored! Seems like a house fight is also unavoidable. Probably, my next route is to climb to the top step by step, and in the end, fight to overthrow the First Wife, gain fame, fortune, and be full of offsprings. That’s right, this kind of story of ancient times, if in the end the heroine didn’t give birth to a child, it won’t count as an ending. Moreover, it’s necessary to give birth to a boy.

From Young Miss to Young Concubine, the difference of this character change is a lot!

I can’t help but sigh, getting up from the bed, and let the female servants freshen me up. Although the mirror isn’t very clear, but I can see that this face of mine is a lovely and pitiful type of a little white flower. I can’t help but be afraid—what if I’m a cannon fodder?

“Lu Shui……”

“Concubine! I am Hong Zhang!”

Lu Shui? Hong Zhang? Her pure white feather coat floats on the jade green water, her red feet stir crystal waves on the lake surface? I’m happy that I can’t help but say, “Then, we’re just missing a ‘stir crystal waves’ (bo qing bo)!”

Lu Shui who was helping me straighten my sleeves glances at me strangely, “Young……Concubine, what are you saying? You are called Bo Qingbo!”1

Me, “……” Motherf*cker! I should’ve known that this name’s frickin’ great!

“What about the General?”

“The General is called Xiang Tiange.”


“Concubine, what’s the matter again?”

“Nothing, suddenly I have confidence.” This name, at first glance, will be with me in this script. So he should be my proper CP, I’m definitely the protagonist, I won’t become a cannon fodder! It seems that the general must’ve taken me as his true love! As long as I cry a bit, act soft, and reveal a frail face, he’ll definitely be softhearted, and then feel sorry for me, and then let everything be bygones!

I have gone over, full of confidence; however, the moment I see the general, I am in shock.

Because……the general, she……even though looks very heroic, and every movement leaks out some unwavering killing aura, from a common standpoint, she’s very handsome……How~ever! With a glance, it’s a woman! So what if she looks like a man, so what if she’s a manly woman, she’s still a woman!

Dumbstruck, I look at the general who’s sitting in the main hall, smiling yet not smiling. Then looking at the personal soldiers with obscured teasing expressions as if they’re looking down at me standing at either side of her, my three views all crack in a split second. Even the two female servants kneel down behind me with a plop, hinting me to follow after them for no reason.

F*ck me, can it be that this place is a world where the women rule?! If it’s like this, then me being the general’s concubine makes sense! I subconsciously grope my chest. Fortunately, it seems I’m still a girl. Speaking of this……My current position is equivalent to the normal world’s male pet?!

F*ck! This position keeps on dropping again and again! This will expand into the deep passions of SM and not just a GL or BL transcript!?

I don’t think so! I need to let the general know that I’m true to her, and it doesn’t matter if the sex is the same! I don’t want to get beaten by the plank again at all! But I also can’t take it lying down! I’ll be too ordinary if I’m weak, and I’ll never be able to move up if I’m ordinary!

So, the quick-witted me rapidly thinks of a countermeasure!

I breathe in through my nose, blink my eyes a few times, and the tears just fall with a “swoosh”. Sobbing and weeping, I kneel facing the other person, showing an aggrieved appearance.

The general’s face flash a trace of disgust, “Don’t pretend in front of me. Even if Qu Xiang planned to marry you, I won’t acknowledge your existence.”

The situation’s not right! Could it be that I really have to go through some deep passion of SM? How to fix?! I won’t resign to fate like this!

I harden my heart. Using my most perfect expression with some forbearance, some melancholy, and some hurt, I look up at her, “Since you don’t love me, why would you take me……as a wife?”

General, “……What?”

I’m currently giving myself 101 points for my crying. I’m not afraid of my arrogance. At this time, I look at the lifeless expressions of all the people around me. Finally feeling that something’s not right, I shyly tug the handkerchief, “C-could it be that I’m not your concubine?”

General, “……”

Lu Shui comes over trembling, summons up the courage to tug at my sleeve, and kindly clears my confusion, “Y-young Miss……Y-y-you…..are His Highness’s newly accepted concubine……G-general is the official wife. N-not your……whatever……”

Me, “……”

I stiffly face the “looking at a stupid c*nt” gaze of the sitting general. My heart is dead like ashes.

F*ck me, so embarrassing.

The Author has something to say:
【 It’s been so long since I wrote in 1st person POV, I feel terribly cute. 】
【 The heroine is a stupid c*nt (Hey) 】
【 Starting this in order to celebrate the discussion of my new book and passing the inspection (although it still needs revising)! Short story! The kind that ends in probably 3 or 5 chapters! In the same world as BGM, this can be considered a warm-up for the new work in preparation for summer vacation! 】

Translator’s Notes: In case you don’t know, he/she/it and his/her/their sounds the same when spoken in Chinese.
1 Their names are puns and derived from the Tang poem, “Song of the Goose.” Lu Shui, Hong Zhang, Bo Qingbo…and Xiang Tiange and Qu Xiang (who’re named later in the chapter). English translation of this poem goes to Iris Song.

Lu Shui 绿水: Green Water, same Chinese characters and meaning as in the poem.
Hong Zhang 红樟: Red Camphor. Hong Zhang 红掌 in the poem means “red feet.”
Bo Qingbo 博清波: MC’s first name, Qingbo, is the same as in the poem which means “crystal/clear waves”. Last name is replaced by Bo 博 which means rich and ample. In the poem, it’s 拨清波 which means “stir crystal waves.”
Xiang Tiange 项天歌: Similar construct as MC. Tiange is the same as in the poem. Xiang is replaced by the surname Xiang. In the poem, 向天歌 means “singing towards the sky.”
Qu Xiang 曲项: Same characters as in the poem. Qu 曲 means tune/song. Xiang 项 which can be a surname, but in the poem it refers to how the goose’s neck would curve as it sings towards the sky. 

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