【TGM】Chapter 11

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn of Spicy Chicken Translations

Chapter 11

I feel like something’s not quite right, ah.

Clearly, I plan on taking the initiative, but what is the meaning of Xiang Tiange getting better at teasing me?

I invite Xiang Tiange to the Bo Manor, but the other turns it down tactfully, “I want to return to the Xiang Manor.”

Me, “……” Motherf*ck! I actually forgot that there’s still a Xiang Manor besides the General’s Manor! Xiang Tiange’s dad, the Duke of Wei!

Just as I listlessly plan on going home, the other extends an invitation, “Want to go to my home?”

I look at the the other person’s attractive face that is smiling. I can’t help but stare blankly. Then, I feel moved to the point of tears, “Tiange, you’re planning on taking me to see your patriarch? Isn’t that a bit too fast? Do I need to prepare the dowry?”

Xiang Tiange, “……No, you’ve completely diverged. Can’t you be a bit more serious?”

I cover up my face with a handkerchief and put on a shy look, “Meanie, Tiange, you actually said that I’m not serious……”

Xiang Tiange, “……Do you still want to go?”

“Going!” I lift my hand and answer clearly.

The Xiang Manor is also the Duke of Wei’s Manor, and the Duke of Wei is Xiang Tiange’s father, Xiang Baihao. Originally, if Xiang Tiange’s older brother, Xiang Huai, is still alive, then the next Duke of Wei would be him. However, he’s already dead now……Xiang Tiange is after all a woman. In this dynasty, the restrictions against women aren’t much. There are also precedents for women entering the imperial court, but there is no woman holding a title of nobility.

When I first enter the Duke’s Manor, I sense that something is a little off. This place is usually quiet, so quiet that it’s somewhat stifling. Although it does seem to have the imposing style of a Duke’s Manor and the servants are working orderly, there’s a sort of lifeless atmosphere.

I follow Xiang Tiange to the main hall and hear her say jokingly, “You used to always have a lot to say, but now you’re actually quiet. Did my home scare you?”

I reply seriously, “No, I’m trying to make a good impression for my father-in law!”

“……You just might.” Probably because my verbal advantage is too great, Xiang Tiange has already given up and merely accelerates her steps, advancing forward.

Xiang Tiange walks and walks before suddenly stopping. She turns her head and said with a somewhat hesitant look, “Qingbo……Wait, if there’s something not right, I hope you can cooperate and endure it first.”

“Eh? Ah……alright,” I’m a bit dumbfounded but still agreed.

By the time I see the old Duke, I finally understand why the other would say so.

The Duke of Wei ·my Sir Father-in-law· Xiang Baihao is sitting in the seat of honor and leaning on a cane. His expression is as stiff as a board, not angry but powerful. He seems to appear very imposing. Even I am a bit scared. When I go up and introduce myself, I’m somewhat nervous, “How are you, D-duke of Wei, I am Tiange’s……”

Speaking to here, I’m a bit stuck. To the side, Xiang Tiange picks up the words, “Father, this is my friend. Do you still remember? This is the Second Young Miss of the Bo Family, Bo Qingbo.”

The Duke of Wei’s gaze lands on me, sizing me up. After roughly half a minute, I start to become nervous, and he suddenly explodes. Slapping on the table, he loudly shouts, “Stinking brat! You have cheated someone else’s daughter, haven’t you! You dare mess around all the way back home! Quickly! Ask your mother to prepare the betrothal gifts! Go to the Bo Manor and propose marriage!”

Me, “……” Hold on!? Although, I’m very willing, but isn’t there something wrong?! I use a frightened gaze to look at the calm Xiang Tiange——Omg! Don’t tell me that I guessed the wrong pattern!? Is it possible that the CP, you’re a man dressing as a woman and then back to a man kind of big chess game!? You’ve made such a deep scheme, is it for a rebellion!?

“Father, you are overthinking. Mother has already prepared the betrothal gifts. Only selecting an auspicious day to marry the Bo Family’s Young Miss is left.” Xiang Tiange respectfully followed along with his words, “You can rest assured.”

“Humph! You stinking brat, consider yourself having some ability!” The Duke of Wei snorts. Then, he changes his direction to me and shows a smile that can be considered good-natured, “Bo Family’s girl, this stinky brat will be handed over to you in the future. If he’s not obedient, then just hit him! Don’t hold back!”

I blankly nod my head, completely unable to say anything.

“Oh right. This stinky brat also has a little sister, nowhere like a girl. As her elder sister-in-law, you must teach her more. If she learns to be one tenth or two tenths of you, then I will feel relieved. I’m afraid that stinking girl won’t be able to marry.” There’s an additional trace of distress on the Duke of Wei’s face. The gaze looking at me is gentle and even showing a sort of gratification.

I freeze right there and finally understand where that out-of-place feeling is coming from.

The Duke of Wei, he……considers Tiange as her deceased elder brother, Xiang Huai. And the Duchess of Wei……has never shown her face since the beginning.

I suddenly turn to face Xiang Tiange. Her expression is tranquil without a ripple, neither sad nor happy.

The Duke of Wei sighs deeply, “Our Xiang Family will finally have descendants!” Saying this, the elderly man’s gaze falls on my stomach.

I unconsciously cover my stomach with a weird expression. Duke of Wei! Your daughter can’t make my stomach bigger ah!

When Xiang Tiange and I both head out, she looks at me apologetically, “Sorry, my father is up in his years.”

I understand that he already has a bit of dementia. I sort of want to ask about the Duke of Wei’s wife. However, seeing that the Duke of Wei like that, I also kind of don’t dare to ask.

“Ever since my elder brother died in battle, my mother has been living in seclusion and does not see guests. And my father……he received a big shock. In the last two years, he has shown signs of unclarity for his memory.” Xiang Tiange places her hands behind her back and gazes ahead. She faintly says, “He has always taken me as my elder brother. I reckon he has also misrecognized you this time.”

“Actually, I’ve always resented Her Highness the Empress. After all, she and my elder brother were childhood sweethearts and had an engagement since they were small. Why did she enter the palace right after Elder Brother had died? Even if she only mourned for my brother for a year, that would be alright……” Xiang Tiange bitterly laughs, “Because of this resentment, I stepped onto Elder Brother’s path. I only wish to prove that our Xiang Family still has a qualified successor, to prove that Her Highness the Empress was wrong……However, on this path, I couldn’t shake off the help from the Bo Family and Her Highness. In the end, I have proven nothing. Instead, I have deeply hurt my parents.”

I quietly stand in place and watch her attentively, “But……you did win the battle. You’ve become a general just like Elder Brother Xiang. Besides, you’ve protected this nation.”

Xiang Tiange calmly looks at me for a long time before suddenly smiling, “However, I’m no longer a general.”


“Qingbo, thank you for these days.” Xiang Tiange turns her body around to face me, “I quite hated you at the beginning, and I never thought that you would become my only friend. Although, I’m already without status, but I still have some connections. If you have anything, you can come find me in the future.”

Seeing the other’s limpid eyes and sincere expression, I’m not happy at all. On the contrary, my heart is sinking little by little.

This person……this person……this person, she has motherf*cking bent me, but she’s still □□ straight ah!1

This heart of mine is crushed like the stuffing of a dumpling.

I immediately express my unhappiness on my face, and I feel like this is the moment that I must clarify, “Tiange, have you always regarded me as a joke?”

“Eh?” Xiang Tiange freezes.

“I’m serious when I said that I like you.” I clench my fists, knowing that victory or defeat is in this move. Because I’m nervous, my palms are sweating, “Tiange, I want to always be together with you. I’ve already made my feelings clear to my parents. Take me as your wife, okay?”

The Author has something to say:
Showed their cards (Stern face) I feel like the ending is not too far (Serious face)
Thanks for the landmines————

T/N: landmines are a jjwxc, the web publisher, thing.

Translator’s Notes
1 The boxes are there in the original. Please fill in using your imagination XD

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