【TGM】Chapter 8

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The General’s Manor Young Concubine Survival Report
Feng De Lingdang (Wind’s Little Bell)

Translator: Aeryn

Chapter 8

The General’s Manor has been sealed up, and I have taken my maids and Xiang Tiange’s personal soldiers to the Bo family.

Seeing that I have come back, Bo Xiuyuan exhales a long breath. His voice is somewhat choked with emotion, and he repeatedly pats my shoulder, “It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back, ah…….”

I look at him, stupefied, “Dad, can you tell me now?”

Bo Xiuyuan is silent for a moment before he lets the surrounding people withdraw. Sitting down on a chair, he seems to be somewhat disappointed, “Sigh……sons and daughters are both debts.”

This time, Bo Xiuyuan doesn’t hide the truth and tells everything that has happened to me.

This matter……involves the time when the current Emperor is still the Second Prince.

At that time, the Emperor and Prince Ning were vying for the throne. The Tiger Seal that could command the elite troops of Shenjiying was lost.1 In the end, it never fell into the Emperor’s hands. In fact, this Tiger Seal has always been here. Furthermore, it is divided into two halves. One half is at the Bo Family, and the other half is at the Xiang Family.

From the beginning, Qu Xiang has arranged for Bo Qingbo to enter the General’s manor precisely for that half of the Tiger Seal. He tricked me, saying that taking that Tiger Seal can help the Crown Prince and elder sister.

Of course, even my predecessor wouldn’t believe this sort of sh*t. Also, Bo Qingbo beat him at his own game, planning on giving the Bo Family’s half of the Tiger Seal to Xiang Tiange……En, that’s right. She wanted to give away the thing that is useless to her and has hidden danger if kept. Moreover, Xiang Tiange is the best target to deliver it to.

However, because I had just transmigrated over, I didn’t know the importance of the Tiger Seal……Therefore, I also didn’t know that when that assassin tried to kill me, the Tiger Seal that I have hidden away (actually, I thought it was a protective amulet and placed it under the pillow) has been stolen.

While I was still stunned, my maid had already notified my dad. That’s why Bo Xiuyuan came for a private discussion with Xiang Tiange last time——They need to figure out a way to at least save one family. Then, they discuss and unanimously think that I’m too foolish, too stupid, and incapable of confronting conspiracies. Thus, they decide to protect me, leaving it to Xiang Tiange to take on this matter herself. The Bo Family pretends to know nothing.

Even though this looks like it’s very unrighteous……it is the best solution.

“Then……who was it that reported the message? Qu Xiang?” I can’t help but ask.

“It wasn’t Qu Xiang. Although that kid has a cunning mind, he’s unlikely to pull both of our families down. Not to mention, he and the General have yet to divorce. There’s no benefit if he did it this way.” Bo Xiuyuan wrinkles his brows, “I’m afraid that Qu Xiang has spies on his side, and also got schemed against. That person is also good at scheming. It goes without saying that the lost Tiger Seal is the source of His Majesty’s anxiety. The Bo Family has a clean reputation in the imperial court. It is clearly the Tianjia Army, but it seems more like the Xiangjia Army.2 Adding on the Qu Family’s influence, they’re two bigger problems. If he does it like this, it’ll be bringing the Bo Family, Xiang Family, and Qu Family all into it.”

I think for a bit, but I still feel like it’s still wrong, “Just what does Qu Xiang want to do?”

“Once a person has enough money……they will start to crave for power.” Bo Xiuyuan sighs, “He……wants military power. I suppose this is one of the reasons why he agreed to the marriage with General Xiang.”

I am stunned. Carefully thinking it over, I explain to dad about Xiang Tiange and Qu Xiang’s so-called matter of the one month divorce. Then, with a deep expression, I rub my chin, discussing, “Dad, what conspiracies do you think there is here?”

On the contrary, Bo Xiuyuan has a strange expression, “I didn’t hear this from the General……” He strokes his beard and slaps the table, suddenly laughing, “That kid! I reckon he has really set his heart on the General!”

Me, “……Ah?”

“Young people always setting strange bets. Look at it, these two can’t go through with the divorce! Right now, the General has difficulties, and the Qu Family kid definitely will go and help!” Bo Xiuyuan claps and laughs heartily, “With Qu Xiang’s aid, Tiange, that lass, might come out whole on the other side this time!”

Seeing Bo Xiuyuan’s happy appearance, I get angry. I step forward and seize the other’s beard, “I won’t allow!”

“Ow ow ow! You wild girl, what’re you thinking of doing again!?”

“Qu Xiang and I cannot coexist!”

“En, reasonable. After all, he did deceive you. Don’t worry, dad will give him trouble and help you get your face back.”

I calmly refute, “No, it’s because he stole my woman.”

“En, reasonable……eh eh eh?!” With a face full of shock, Bo Xiuyuan widens his eyes at me, “W-what did you say?”

“Dad, I really like Tiange.”

Bo Xiuyuan stares at me. After a good while, he extends his trembling hand and grabs a hold of my hand. Patting it, he said in lament, “Daughter! General isn’t a boy!”

“……I know.”

Bo Xiuyuan becomes even more emotional. His hands start to shake, voice choking with emotion, “Daughter! You’re also not a boy!”

“……I already know by going to the toilet!” Why does my dad seem even more unreliable than I am? This kind of person can really be the Prime Minister!? Da Qi will be done for!

Bo Xiuyuan covers his chest with a look like he’s unable to breathe, “Darling, Dad is very disappointed in you!”

“What disappointment? Bo Xiuyuan! I’m the one who’s very disappointed in you! Our eldest daughter has been sent to the tiger’s cave and wolf’s den by you, and I can only see her three or four times a year! Forget about the previous things we’ve let Xiang Family down. Right now, even the only child of the Xiang Family has been caught in a scheme by you! And you’re even the Sir Prime Minister?! Even Er Gouzi in the countryside is stronger than you!”3 A series of curses transmit over. I turn around and see a madame splendidly dressed coming in with large strides. The person who is still cursing immediately becomes tearful when she sees me. She wants to speak but stops, and she brings me into her arms, “Darling, are you alright? You like Xiang Family’s girl? It’s fine, actually as long the other also agrees, we also have no problem……”

“My ass! If you pamper her like this, she’ll get spoiled! Not distinguishing between good or bad! The one harming another girl this time is you, young daughter! Harming others for a moment doesn’t count as wanting to harm them for a lifetime?! It’s not that simple this time! It has become a big thing, don’t you know? If it’s not for Tiange remembering this friendship, your little daughter would’ve been locked up in prison! By the time she gets out, we really don’t have to worry about her marriage anymore, she won’t be able to get married anyways!”

Seeing that my cheap dad and mom are about to fight, I quickly stop the two of them, “Dad! Mom! Stop!”

Both of them stopped and looked at me.

I kneel straight down, showing my resolution, “Dad, Tiange can support the Xiang Family. I can also support the Bo Family.”

Bo Xiuyuan is immediately stunned in place.

I continue to calmly analyze, “This matter is daughter’s fault. Since it’s something that I have caused, I will take responsibility. However, if we want to resolve this situation, we will need to notify the General. I hope dad will help and let me meet with General once.”

It’s probably their first time seeing me looking so honorable like this, dad and mom are both stunned.

Finally, Bo Xiuyuan slowly nods.

I also have only found out after returning home that I’m quite doted on even though I’m born from a concubine because there was difficulty conceiving a son. Especially after elder sister married ten years ago, I have become the only child in this manor and have been raised under the first wife. Whether it is the cheap parents or the sister who is already deep within the palace, they are all very good to me.

……This is probably the reason why my predecessor is a little brat with big guts, recklessly doing things and looking for trouble! Can such a thing as the Tiger Seal be randomly given away!? Don’t forget that the Crown Prince in the palace is my blood-related nephew! If it isn’t done well, that’ll be carrying the crime of plotting a rebellion!

However, after clarifying what has happened, it’ll be easier to do the next step.

On my way to visit Xiang Tiange who is locked up in the prison, I happen to run into Qu Xiang.

The other is somewhat surprised at first. The not-so-well expression quickly changes into a faint smile, and he cups his hands in greeting towards me, “Long time no see, Miss Bo.”

I coldly look at him. At this moment, I feel like this should be love rivals meeting face to face with their eyes blazing with hatred. Once I recall dad’s words, I coldly snort and indifferently said, “You like Tiange?”

Qu Xiang raises an eyebrow and replies meaningfully, “Is it important if I like or not? She is still my wife, and there are joint responsibilities. I will naturally lend a hand. On this point, I believe we have the same objective.”

“It won’t be very soon.” Although your setting is very much a pair of quarrelsome but loving couple, I’m the person that tears the CP apart! Thinking to here, the expression in my eyes changes, “You can come help! But, I won’t give Tiange to you! My old enemy, Hirata-kun!”

Qu Xiang, “……Who’s Hirata-kun?”

“Regardless of whether you admit or don’t admit! I am your Qu·Hirata·real tragic·Xiang’s rival in love! I definitely will take Yoko away from your hands!”4

Qu Xiang, “……And who’s Yoko……Ah——forget it, I’m tired, let’s go inside and talk, alright?”

The Author has something to say:
As before, the main plot is moving forward……I feel that the conspiracy has a BUG, but don’t care anymore! Anyways, this story’s plotting is forced with an IQ of 60! (……)

Translator’s Notes
2 Shenjiying 神机营 – An army division that was formed during the Ming Dynasty. Has been translated as the Divine Engine Division, Firearm Brigade, etc. Since this is fiction, this may or may not refer to them (haven’t seen any guns being mentioned). More info here.
2 Tianjia Army 天家军 – literally Army of the Heaven’s family, aka the Emperor’s army.
Xiangjia Army 项家军 – Xiang Family Army.

3 Er Gouzi 二狗子 – Can refer to the lower classes like farmers. Literally translates to Two/Stupid Dog Child/Son. It can be a nickname or a slur. 
4 Hirata-kun 平田君 And Yoko 叶子 – I think they’re characters from Gag Manga Biyori, correct me if I’m wrong.

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