【GK】Chapter 14

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Ghosts Know What I Experienced
Author: Mo Chen Huan
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Translator: Aeryn
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Chapter 14

Xi Jia didn’t want to mix in with the Xuanxue world’s matters. After following the “Ghosts Know” official account, he never commented and only scrolled through when he was bored. But don’t waste something free. The cost of a modou was actually 20 points each. Pei Yu was ranked in the top 10, and he could at most earn 100 points per month. If it’s like this, the modou really was expensive.

Xi Jia very quickly filled out his address, and waited for the other side to deliver the goods.

Maybe because he was too scared, Pei Yu never came back. Only until in the afternoon did he especially sent a WeChat message insincerely:【 I ran into an evil spirit, its skill is very high. I need to chase it for a while. Don’t wait for me for dinner. 】

Xi Jia exposed his lie with a poker face: 【 En, I’ll call you to come back when Master Ye returns to his room to rest. 】

Pei Yu was endlessly grateful: 【 Brother Jia, so loyal!!! 】

After eating, Xi Jia planned to wash the dishes, but he stopped to send Pei Yu a message. When he went to the kitchen again, he saw Ye Jingzhi facing the sink with his head bowed. He wore a black trench coat, and his long phoenix eyes hung low. The slender fingers that were originally used to catch ghosts were now attentively wiping every surface and edge of the dishes and chopsticks clean.

Just like the quilt that was never touched, Xi Jia felt very bad. He invited Master Ye to come stay at his place. Who knew that this person hadn’t slept at all, and actually spent the entire night helping him clean his apartment, cook food, and now even taking the initiative to wash the dishes.

Xi Jia and Pei Yu knew each other for several days. From the start, Charlatan Pei was an eldest young master that lead a pampered lifestyle. Don’t even talk about washing dishes, he can’t even tell apart salt and sugar. He could only sit at the dining table, hold his chopsticks, and wait for the food while tapping on a bowl. But the person that was named Hell King Ye didn’t match with this nickname at all with his gentleness and meticulousness. Yet he still appeared to be distant, and always silently doing things that most other people wouldn’t do.

Running into a stranger with strong yin energy, he would lend out his own magic weapon to suppress the yin energy. Then, he would exhaust all methods to help fix the problem.

In all fairness, if Xi Jia was Ye Jingzhi and ran into himself from a week ago, he absolutely wouldn’t go over and help. However, Ye Jingzhi helped him out of his own accord; moreover, he even helped to this degree. This kind of person truly took it upon himself to be admired as the moral model.

Xi Jia stepped forward, stood in front of the other sink, and picked up the dishes to wash.

Ye Jingzhi raised his head to look at him as if not understanding why he would come here to wash the dishes. Xi Jia hooked the corner of his lips and smiled at him. Ye Jingzhi slowly closed his lips that he just opened. He didn’t say anymore, turned his head, and continued to seriously wash the dishes.

When evening fell, yin and yang converged, and Ye Jingzhi started to recite for the Buddhist relic.

“This Buddhist relic is one of the four relics that was created when the abbot of Great Wanshou Temple, Master Buku, passed away. Master Buku had cultivated in the Buddhist teachings before he passed away. His relics won’t break even if you hammer it. In essence, Buddhism overcomes all things evil in the world; therefore, after reciting for 49 days for this relic, it could hide your yin energy. But the effect would be the exact opposite of the Mt. Tai stone you had before.”

Xi Jia asked, “Exact opposite?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Yes. The Mt. Tai stone you had before blocked and shielded your own yin energy. But this relic doesn’t prevent your yin energy from leaking, rather it stops other evil qi from getting close to you. Basically, the relic creates a barrier that prevents malicious ghosts from getting past and perceiving your existence. But you can take the initiative to release it.”

Xi Jia suddenly understood. When using the Mt. Tai stone, he would be a normal person, and yin energy would be locked inside his body. When using the relic, the yin energy wouldn’t really be concealed, but would make the outside world be unable to perceive or touch it.

The matter shouldn’t be delayed. Ye Jingzhi flipped his hand and took out the crystal clear relic, which he placed in his palm. He looked up at Xi Jia. Xi Jia was slightly startled, and also looked at him. After a moment, Ye Jingzhi directly pulled Xi Jia’s hand and placed it in his palm.

Xi Jia widened his eyes, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “Next, I’ll recite for the Buddhist relic.”

Xi Jia, “……Reciting requires holding hands?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, his expression certain.

Xi Jia, “……”

What kind of magic technique is this!?

But before Xi Jia could make a complaint, weng! A cool, gentle aura passed through his palm towards his head. In an instant, the sounds of Sanskrit sang in his mind. Countless senior monks chanted the same scripture. The entire world was calmed and washed clean as the Buddhist chants rose.

Xi Jia was immersed in this beautiful realm. Gradually, he heard a low male voice. He opened his eyes. The handsome, friendless man knitted his long eyebrows as he solemnly chanted in a low voice.

Ye Jingzhi’s forefinger was pressed against his lip. With every sound he recited, gold colored runes flew out from his mouth to their overlapping hands. The hot runes passed through the hands of Xi Jia and disappeared between their palms. Slowly, the cool feeling brought by the relic disappeared, and the clasped hands made Xi Jia feel the hot temperature from the palm of the other hand.

Ye Jingzhi’s palm was very hot, and it was completely different from his cold and indifferent appearance. Xi Jia can’t help but look a bit longer. Suddenly, he cried out in surprise. Ye Jingzhi had tightened his grasp, “When chanting, the relic may get hot, Xi…Xi Jia, endure a little bit.”

The two held hands tightly. After half an hour, the mantra was finally completed.

After reciting the mantra, Xi Jia put the relic around his neck. As expected, there’s a different feel. This time, he could still clearly see the weak yin energy lingering in the air. Whereas yesterday, the yin energy impatiently wanted to rush towards him. This time, the yin energy hesitated for a moment, and circled around him for a long time before they happily rushed over.

The one and only person in the Xuanxue world that could innately see yin energy, Hell King Ye, exclaimed, “After 49 days, they won’t ever come back again.”

Xi Jia smiled and nodded, “Thanks, Master Ye.”

This was a matter of reciting incantations. At night, after Ye Jingzhi returned to his room, Xi Jia sent a message to Pei Yu. After a minute, Pei Yu came back as he excitedly said, “Brother Jia, have you seen it yet? ‘Ghosts Know’ unexpectedly started a series of articles. Today, they’re still talking about Hell King Ye’s marriage contract!”

Xi Jia was not interested in this and continued to pour himself some tea.

Pei Yu gabbled on, “This time, a senior from Tianji School…you know Tianji School, right? They’re a sect specialized in fortune-telling. Before, they were often the astrologers for the emperors and kings. A senior of Tianji School submitted an article to “Ghosts Know.” It’s said that Hell King Ye has already met with his future wife! Now a group of Tianji School disciples are all doing divinations. Just who is this lady that is so unlucky to have an engagement with Hell King Ye? Hahahaha.”

Xi Jia: “Are you Xuanxue people that bored?” With nothing to do, they don’t even divine for the major political events, and only divine about other people’s gossip. If you foretold the numbers of tomorrow’s lottery ticket, you could boast a dream, but what about other people’s gossip?

Pei Yu matter of factly said, “Tianji School’s disciples aren’t good at ghost hunting. All day long, they would sprinkle sand and swing tortoise shells to make divinations. If they really could find out who Hell King Ye’s future wife is and submit it to ‘Ghosts Know,’ they definitely could get a lot of points……Sigh, if only I also knew how to make divinations, how great would that be, ah.”

Xi Jia, “……”

You can only amount to this much.

“Oh right, Brother Jia, I arranged a flight back to the capital tomorrow. Now that Hell King Ye’s staying at your place for such a long time, I absolutely can’t go on. It just so happens that my master wants me to go back. Brother Jia, we will have to wait a while before we could meet again.

Xi Jia answered casually, “Oh.”

Pei Yu, “……”

A minute later, Charlatan Pei angrily said, “You don’t even urge me to stay?!”

Xi Jia questioned back, “Why would I want you to stay? You’re both lazy and terrified. You can’t even compare with Master Ye in ghost hunting. You can’t cook. You don’t even clean the apartment. All day long, you just stay at my home and freeload…En, seems like there’s really no reason to urge you to stay.”

Pei Yu, “……” He really wanted to flip the table, but he thought that what Xi Jia had said also made some sense……

Pei Yu flew into a rage out of humiliation, and left the next morning without saying goodbye. Before leaving, he still pretended to be decent and left a note. Xi Jia didn’t see it, but Ye Jingzhi rose early and saw it. He handed it over to Xi Jia after reading it.

【 As a ghost hunting Celestial Master and an excellent figure of the younger generation, how could I waste my youth? I returned to the capital to hunt ghosts. Don’t miss me. -Pei Yu. 】

Xi Jia, “……” I dare you to say it again to Master Ye’s face, who’s an excellent figure of the younger generation?

In the large apartment, there were only two people left, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi was never at home during the day, and would go out to hunt ghosts.

Pei Yu once said before that wherever Hell King Ye was at, there’s more malicious ghosts in general. Actually, it wasn’t Ye Jingzhi that attracted malicious ghosts, but rather malicious ghosts drew Ye Jingzhi to come over. Lately, there’s a lot of malicious ghosts in S City. Ye Jingzhi saw that the yin energy enveloping the skies over S City far exceeded that of the surrounding cities, and came here.

In the evening, a knock came from the front door. Xi Jia opened the door to look. It wasn’t Ye Jingzhi, but a young person wearing Tian Tian Express Delivery uniform.

The young man’s mouth held a thin, jet-black stick, and there’s a delivery box the size of a fist in his hands. After seeing Xi Jia, he looked Xi Jia up and down quite a few times, “I haven’t seen this fellow daoist before. Come, sign this delivery.”

Xi Jia looked carefully. The print on the courier’s hat didn’t say “Tian Tian Express,” but “Tian Gong Express!”

Xi Jia, “……”

It’s fine if you knocked off the brand, but even the font color is the same!

Looking at the carbon copy of this logo, doesn’t your conscience hurt?

Not only did this little brother courier’s conscience not hurt, he was even very elated. After Xi Jia signed for the delivery, the young man held the thin stick in his mouth and sloppily turned to leave. Before he left, he casually took a glance inside. By chance, Song Song chased Wu Xiang Qing Li over from the living room. This little brother muttered a sentence, “That black ball looks a bit familiar?” Then, he disappeared into the hallway.

Xi Jia entered his apartment with the express shipping box.

In the living room, the small and exquisite bronze die was endlessly fluttering in the air. Song Song was playing and chasing right behind it. Seeing Xi Jia had returned, Song Song immediately pounced into its owner’s arms, finding a comfortable position to lie down.

Wu Xiang Qing Li also happily followed it over, rubbing against Xi Jia’s neck. When it saw the transparent relic, Wu Xiang Qing Li bumped into it once with disdain. The relic stayed peacefully still, not daring to resist at all.

Xi Jia helplessly grabbed it, “You’re the most powerful, can you not?”

Only then did Wu Xiang Qing Li became perfectly contented and fluttered in the air again.

After opening the express shipping box, the black modou inside wasn’t much different from Pei Yu’s. Xi Jia played with it for a long time, and tried to use it according to the manual. Sure enough, he once again saw the Modou Rankings.

This time, Pei Yu was back at seventh place. Right behind him, the Jiang siblings’ points and his points were very close. Looking ahead, he could at most see the name, Nan Yi, like before. Xi Jia raised his head to look towards the ceiling. Unfortunately, the building blocked the way, and he didn’t see Ye Jingzhi’s name.

Xi Jia carried the modou towards the bay window, and set the modou on a window ledge. Looking up again, he saw a star hanging high in the sky. The golden star was set high above, as if he was incompatible with all others, and looking exceptionally lonely.

“Your stuff arrived?”

A clear and cool voice came from behind. Xi Jia turned to look. He didn’t know when Ye Jingzhi had returned.

Xi Jia returned to the living room, set the modou down on the table, and started fishing in the box, “Yeah, I got it. My stone is also in there.” The young black-haired man pulled out a thumb-sized blood colored jade from the shipping box.

The Mt. Tai stone with vital energy was once dyed with the strong yin energy, turning it into a bright red color. Xi Jia observed the stone that he wore for nineteen years, and was amazed to find the stone that was broken into several pieces was fixed. Not even a trace of sticky residue could be found. The disciples of Tian Gong Pavilion were truly ingenious with their craftsmanship.

But he naturally also didn’t notice that when he took out the stone, Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes and stared at the stone. He held his breath, his pupils trembled, and he didn’t blink either. After five minutes, a slightly shaky voice asked, “That stone….can I see?”

Xi Jia blanked. He didn’t think much and handed the stone over to Ye Jingzhi.

The next moment, Ye Jingzhi turned around and entered his room.

Xi Jia was surprised: Do you have to go into the room to see? Could it be that something is wrong with the stone?

In the room, Ye Jingzhi took out a white stone from his Qiankun bag. The stone was entirely white, and it gave off a comfortable feeling when the moonlight shone on it.

Ye Jingzhi held the blood red jade in one hand and the white stone in the other. Then, put them together.


The two different colored stones perfectly pieced together forming a Taiji symbol! The blood red stone was the yin fish, and the white stone was the yang fish. When the two yin and yang fishes meet, they became a complete and perfect Yin-Yang Taiji symbol.

If Master Buxing was here, he would definitely cry out in alarm, “How did a perfectly nice Mt. Tai Yin-Yang Unity Stone become red!?”

And all Ye Jingzhi did was stare intently at these two stones.

Pulled them apart, then put them together again.

……En, still perfectly forming a Taiji symbol.

Pulled them apart again, then put them together again.

Still a Taiji symbol.

Apart, together, apart, together……

After repeating ten more times, Hell King Ye didn’t move anymore. He looked at the white Mt. Tai stone, then looked at the blood red Mt. Tai stone.

After five minutes, the door opened. Xi Jia was sitting in the living room fiddling with the modou, and saw Master Ye walking over to him. Not knowing why, Xi Jia overall felt that……something’s strange with Master Ye. But after examining carefully, it seemed like nothing’s wrong.

Ye Jingzhi handed the blood red Mt. Tai stone over, “The repair was done very well, but unfortunately, it can no longer block yin energy for you.”

Xi Jia didn’t think too much and reached out to take the stone, “Thank you, Master Ye, I—”

Their fingers couldn’t help but touch. Xi Jia was still talking when Ye Jingzhi suddenly withdrew his hand as if he received an electric shock, giving Xi Jia a scare.

A long time after.

Xi Jia, “……Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi’s ears flushed red.

Xi Jia asked again, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi, “I’ll go…I’ll go back to the room first.” After he finished speaking, he ran back into his room as if he was fleeing with a red face and flushed ears.

Xi Jia, “……”

Are all you Xuanxue people abnormal?!

The Author has something to say:
Mirror 【face red, ears flushed】: Master said it’s a girl. Master, you lied to me.
C+: People of the Xuanxue world, definitely all of them are abnormal!!!
Fuwa: Becoming this shy after bumping hands. Next, there’s still 48 days of holding hands, ah……【spits smoke】

Translator’s Notes: None ~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° but in case you’re wondering the logo/colors for Tian Tian Express…

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  1. Sooo~ cute hahaha. Loved the part where he puts it together and apart ♥️♥️
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